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Plum Pretty Sugar Review + Feedback & Discussion

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Posted by KM (6 years ago)

not as pictured; not worth the money

Order Number 1374*

The fact that Plum Pretty Sugar has a NO RETURNS policy should be your first warning sign. I ordered their cotton knee length kimono style robes in five different patterns (Smalls & a medium) and matching eye masks as gifts for my bridemaids and one for me. They were for getting ready for the wedding, but who wants to wear a robe so thin that it is see-through in front of your mother, friends, and photographers? The fabric is so thin, it looks cheap, which at $65 each, these robes definitely are not. The patterns are very pretty, but I'm embarrassed to give these as a gift now, as they just don't seem that nice or special. My fiance thought they were so bad, he didn't even understand how I could have ordered them! In addition to the thinness of the fabric, the lines and/or cut is off; when you close the robe, it doesn't come together properly (the front corners hang down). You can see this in a picture they have on their site: I had thought these women just hadn't tied their robes very neatly, but in fact, this is how the robes hang. The eye masks are the most cheap seeming. They crinkle a LOT; there is some super cheap seeming padding in them, and they are too small for a normal sized head. I am a thin person and have no reason to believe my head is any different from the average size head, yet the eye masks are so tight across my eyes, they put pressure on my eyeballs (!) and needless to say, are very uncomfortable. Based on other reviews, obviously a lot of people like their robes, but I'm curious how many of these were written after receiving the actual product... The upside is, PPS has worked on their customer service. Though I didn't hear anything from them for almost a month and was charged without hearing anything about my order shipping, etc., when I email or call them, they are responsive and helpful. I don't know yet if I will be able to return the robes or not; I am definitely getting additional and/or replacement gifts for my bridesmaids. For others out there wondering if these robes will be as pretty in real life as the PPS website makes them seem, unfortunately, they're not. Any bride looking for a really quality gift and to get good value for her money, I strongly recommend looking elsewhere.

Bought: 5 Knee Length Jimono Robes

Order Date: 2013-05-14

Date Received: 2013-06-07

  • responsive customer service
  • pretty patterns
  • Cons:
  • thin fabric
  • cheap construction
  • not good value for money
  • NO RETURNS policy
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    I wish I had read your comment before I ordered...didn't see anywhere that there is no return policy but if I had I never would have ordered. I totally agree with you the quality of the material is definitely not what I expected for the price of the robes. Not really interested in returning since the rest of their stuff is probably just as cheap.

    7 out of 7 people said 'YES'


    Posted by Joelle (8 years ago)

    My fave robe ever. I have a complete set of pants, top and robe. Washes wonderfully too.

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    Posted by Lauren (8 years ago)

    I love Plum Pretty Sugar!

    I ordered 18 robe and lounge sets for my wedding party. They arrived early and are gorgeous beyond words.

    Everyone was so happy!

    I will purchase again too!

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    1 person said 'NO'


    Posted by Kelly (8 years ago)

    Very Happy!

    I ordered these for myself and my bridesmaids and they were absolutely adorable and comfy! They were perfect for pictures while we were getting ready!

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    2 out of 2 people said 'NO'


    Posted by Krista (8 years ago)


    I ordered for my bridesmaids and love them so much. I will purchase again and highly recommend. <b><font color=red>[Written by Company Employee]</font></b>

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    3 out of 3 people said 'NO'


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