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USATeam2 reviewer photoPosted by USATeam2 (11 months ago)

Watch Out for Shady Providers- Redeems Unused Groupon

I purchased a Groupon for Window Cleaning when they had a 20% off sale. When I tried to use it, I couldn't find it. I had to checked the "Redeemed" section of the site to find it. WTH I thought- so I called up the merchant and they said "no problem" and told me to text my info to them. I did and they scheduled me for 17 days out. Today was the day- they never showed up. First they said they were going to be late, but provided an exact time when they were going to show up. So I was like okay that's fine. But after waiting over an hour I asked how long it would but no reply. Same thing another 30 minute later- no reply.

So I did a chat with Groupon Customer Service, and this was the result:

Me: 4:34:47 PM

Severe problems with groupon

Groupon CSR: 4:36:43 PM

Hi ***, thank you for contacting Groupon Customer Support.

Groupon CSR: 4:36:44 PM

How can I help you today?

Me: 4:37:09 PM

Hi- I purchased a groupon for Window Washing by "Discount Home and Commercial Services". When I tried to use it a couple weeks ago, it says "Redeemed" already even though I never used it. I contacted the merchant on September 3 and they said no problem and scheduled service for today. They were supposed to be here between 1:30 PM and 2:30 PM. Then they said they were running late and ended up never showing up despite my multiple attempts to contact them.

Me: 4:38:53 PM

Very shady- firstly marking my groupon as redeeemd even though I never used it, probably hoping I would forget about it. Then never showing up for an appointment scheduled weeks in advance. That is some sort of scam.

Groupon CSR: 4:39:03 PM

I'm very sorry you had this experience. This is definitely not something we ever want our customers to encounter.

Groupon CSR: 4:39:09 PM

Just one moment while I check on that.

Groupon CSR: 4:41:41 PM

Firstly, the reason the voucher was redeem were since you have made the appointment, the merchant mark it as redeemed ..

Groupon CSR: 4:42:20 PM

Given the situation, let me help you with options we have here ..

Me: 4:42:21 PM

No I never made an appointment- they had already marked it redeemed. I first contacted them on September 3 about it.

Me: 4:42:34 PM

It says redeemed on August 24.

Groupon CSR: 4:42:38 PM

Okay, I understand. Let me check this for you ..

Me: 4:42:56 PM

These guys are scammers

Groupon CSR: 4:43:20 PM

I'm sorry for any inconvenience. Given the circumstances, I want to make sure your issue is taken care of today by offering you one of the following options.

Groupon CSR: 4:43:23 PM

Option 1: If there’s a different deal you’re interested in, I’d be happy to cancel this order and place a new order for you right now.

Groupon CSR: 4:43:26 PM

Option 2: If you want more time to browse our Local deals before deciding, I can offer you Trade In for your voucher instead. You’ll receive Groupon Bucks equivalent to the amount you paid for your voucher, which can be used to buy a different Local deal.

Groupon CSR: 4:43:29 PM

Option 3: Or, if you still want to try to use this deal, we can contact the merchant to reach the best possible solution.

Groupon CSR: 4:43:30 PM

Which of those options would you prefer?

Me: 4:44:18 PM

I need a refund because I ordered something, and never received service.

Groupon CSR: 4:45:11 PM

I understand your concern, I will help you with your request ..

Groupon CSR: 4:45:20 PM

While I look at this, I have something interesting for you which will really benefit you on your future purchases.

Groupon CSR: 4:45:23 PM

I see you're eligible for our current reward challenge. It's an opportunity to earn site credit toward future Groupon purchases. Can I send you an email with information on how to sign up?

Me: 4:46:08 PM


Groupon CSR: 4:46:38 PM

Great! Please be on the lookout for that email later today.

Groupon CSR: 4:46:57 PM

I've gone ahead and issued a full refund to your original form of payment and removed this voucher from your account. You'll receive a separate automated email to confirm this as well.

Groupon CSR: 4:46:58 PM

While we issue all refunds immediately, it may take your financial institution a few days to post the credit to your statement.

Groupon CSR: 4:47:03 PM

Is there anything else I can help you with today?

Me: 4:47:44 PM

Thanks for your help- I hope you keep a close eye on this merchant because I don't want other customers to waste their valuable time on this like I have

Groupon CSR: 4:48:40 PM

You're welcome.

Groupon CSR: 4:49:03 PM

Yes, we will look into this and do the needful ..

Me: 4:49:43 PM

Thanks- I imagine they have marked other people's groupons as "redeemed" and hoping they would forget, or simply don't show up

Groupon CSR: 4:50:23 PM

I understand ..

Groupon CSR: 4:50:27 PM

Is there anything else I can help you with today?

Me: 4:50:44 PM

That's it- thanks

Groupon CSR: 4:51:22 PM

You're welcome.

Groupon CSR: 4:51:23 PM

Thanks for contacting Groupon. Have a great day!

So Groupon did provide a refund back to my card even though it wasn't one of their "options". But I think they should do a better job screening the merchants/providers. After reading the reviews on this particular provider, it seems that I wasn't the first this had happened to. At the very least, there should be better improved verification system so that service providers can't arbitrarily mark a customer's groupon as "redeemed" without their permission.

Bought: Window Washing Service

Order Date: 2019-08-11

  • Gave full refund
  • Cons:
  • Provider can just mark your groupon as redeemed without you knowing
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    Posted by Sameer (9 years ago)

    Probably the Best Groupon-type Site

    Groupon, in my experience, is pretty much the best "Groupon Site" out there- and there are literally hundreds of them out there. The deals I've purchased have been good in terms of the experience and the discount received. LivingSocial is pretty good but I have ran into problems with shitty merchants who don't honor the offers or even get back to you. Same goes for Eversave. In fact, I have some problem going on right now with those Eversave guys regarding a $5 Parents Magazine offer which may turn out to be a scam. Basically they're giving me the run around as to why I'm not seeing the 2 year renewal credit for the magazine. I contacted Parents magazine about it and they said there is no evidence of the deal taking place. I may have file a credit card dispute. All this for $5. Are you frigging kidding me.

    Anyways- I digress. No such problems with Groupon and in my mind they're the one to beat out there.

  • good deals
  • no customer service problems
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