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Posted by Gina (1 decade ago)

After spending $ 53.00 for RegFixPro, I had nothing but problems with it . It screwed up my XP. After installing RFP, it took 5 minutes for my computer to boot. Then I couldn't get online. So I removed some extra programs, restarted, waited 5 minutes and got online.

Tried to fix it from the REgFixPro website. Didnt work.

As I was online, an error message popped up for McAfee Virus Program. So I tried to fix that, and it wouldn't work. Then I finally called the technician. AFter 30 minutes of trying to repair, I finally had to reinstall McAfee AFTER uninstalling REgFixPro.

Then I used System Restore, and my computer finally worked

Contacted WebFixPro and now I'm battling them for a refund. They want me to reinstall their program, and I'm not willing to do that. After all those problems, would you?

RFP is NOT worth getting. There are plenty of other registry programs out there. Avoid this one. Avoid!!

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