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Posted by Piro (10 years ago)

Its an "OK" product, that DOES have some very good features.. but sadly it lacks more than one it Does have.

Dont expect customer support, as its fairly non-existent. A rep says they will send you something the following week, a month later I am still waiting.

$99 its ok just don't expect the world, from this company you just not going to get it.

They remind me of, now we got your money we dont care about you anymore.

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Posted by Linda (9 years ago)

It intrigued me. I expected master pages, being able to flow text from a Word file, filling pages. It doesn't do that. It does a lot of things and probably could do what I want, but it's a lot of money to create greeting cards that open like they should. Yes, it's a virtual world but I'm old-fashioned. It took me a while to figure out how to close the book. Documentation is not great, this is not for the beginner. They must have some competition out there. I'm still looking.

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