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Cleanse Uninstaller Reviews & Discussions

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Posted by MichaelSF (1 decade ago)

I have used various forms of uninstaller programs over the years. I came upon Cleanse Uninstaller via a free giveaway site. I used the program and really enjoyed its performance and thoroughness.

Definitely appears to uninstall programs better and more completely than Windows Add/Remove process.

I had to reformat my computer hard disk and needed the program, again. I guess an indicator of how useful this program is to me is the fact that since I had to purchase it since the giveaway no longer applied, well I did in fact purchase it.

What I like best about it is that I can monitor how the uninstall is progressing and actually see what is being deleted. I also like that it goes into Windows Registry and removes strings in there.

As many of you know, many times software developers are too lazy to have their programs remove all traces of their programs so when uninstalling a program there's litter and trash all over the hard disk. Cleanse Uninstaller appears to get rid of everything. That alone makes the program worth the purchase price.

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