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How to Make Windows 7 Laptop Boot Faster?

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My cousin's Acer laptop books very slowly into Windows.  Takes about 2 minutes at least before the hourglass goes away.  I disabled all autorun options and startup programs but it only made it slightly faster booting up. Any suggestions?
asked 7 years ago in Windows by Chen Chung (410 points)

1 Answer

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I think the best thing to do is to upgrade the hard drive to a SSD (solid-state drive).  Nowadays you can easily get a 60 gig for about $100 and it should cut that 2 minute boot time to around 30 seconds.  Not to mention all other programs will now load faster too.  You didn't mention the specs of the Acer notebook but I presume since it's running Windows 7 it shouldn't be more than 2 years old.  So you should have no problem upgrading to a SSD.

As for which SSD to get- the Sandforce SSDs are some of the best ones and there are new ones powered by the Sandforce 2200 series controller.  Either one would work great.

And another thing- when you do upgrade the SSD you should definitely re-install Windows 7 so that the OS detects and fully optimizes itself for the SSD.  You will have the old hard drive as backup and to restore any documents that should already be backed up.
answered 7 years ago by Dave (1,070 points)

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