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Which online store do you recommend to shop for Laptop AC Adapters?

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I'm a local Laptop AC Adapter reseller in CA, US. I want to expand my business by opening another stores to sell Laptop Batteries. My friends suggest me to get some online suppliers. Low price and fast shipping are the two important factors for me to choose a supplier. Thus, it would be great to find some Chinese supplier with US local warehouse!

Thanks in adavance for your reply.
asked 6 years ago in Computer Hardware by helenchrist (120 points)
edited 6 years ago by Dave

1 Answer

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I'd go with Amazon.com- they have probably the best service around in case you have problem with your AC Adapter.  The price is reasonable too with some elgible for 2 day free shipping if you have Amazon Prime.

answered 6 years ago by Dave (1,070 points)

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