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Cheap PC with decent graphics for less than $200?

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What's the best PC I can buy for less than two benjamins?  I need to build one CHEAP for my brother, mainly to play Starcraft 2.
asked 7 years ago in Computer Hardware by Chen Chung (410 points)

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$200 certainly is a tight budget to get a PC that will play Starcraft 2 at decent frame rates. You probably have two choice in the Intel Atom with NVIDIA Ion and the new AMD E-350 APU platform.  The latter has a decisive advantage in frame rates in SC2:


Right now you can buy a motherboard with the E-350 built-in for about $100 about Newegg.com.  Plug in 2 gigs of RAM for $22, a DVD burner for $25, a 750 gig HDD for $50, and a cheapy case for $40 and there you have it.  Of course I'm not adding the cost of Windows.  All you actually need is Windows XP, so you might be able to find a legit copy on ebay for about $30 or less.

So the total will be a bit more than $200 (more like $250).  You might be able to, however, buy a refurb PC for cheaper that is already put together and has the OS already installed.
answered 7 years ago by Dave (1,070 points)

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