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How do I get a discount on Vonage as an Existing Customer?

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I decided to stay with Vonage because I didn't want to risk losing my phone number if the port went awry.  I would like to save money though on my monthy fee of $24.99 (which turns out to be more than $30 after taxes).  Any ideas or link for me get a discount?
asked 7 years ago in VOIP by Chen Chung (410 points)

1 Answer

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You can get a nice 1 year discount on your Vonage bill pretty easily actually.  Just call customer service and tell them you want to cancel, and the retention department will try to keep you on board by offering you a $12/month plan that is similar to your $25 plan.  It will last for a year but then all you have to do is call back before the year is up and do the same thing.  I had done it for two years before swtiching to Ooma.

You can also complain to Vonage about your Caller ID problem while you're with the retention person and they will offer you access to "advanced tech support".  Hopefully you can get that fixed and get a big saving on your monthly as well.
answered 7 years ago by Dave (1,070 points)

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