Privacy Policy for Apps

This Privacy Policy describes the information collection by Juicestand Inc through its iOS/WatchOS/Android applications.

Juicestand Inc does not collect any personal data with its iOS, watchOS & Android applications. Juicestand Inc does not require you to provide any information other than those used to customize your app. Those settings are saved on your devices and will be deleted if the app is uninstalled. Juicestand Inc does not share any information about you or your devices. Your device may access our servers in order to download the most relevant configuration info for the app, but no personally identifiable information is associated with that access.

If you submit a support request via e-mail, Juicestand Inc will receive your email address and other information you provide related to your support request. Juicestand Inc uses these information only to provide support to you. Juicestand Inc will never share your email address without your consent unless required by law.

If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us.