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Posted by jane (1 decade ago)

Yves Rocher information: Yves Rocher offers a quality natural beauty products from skin care, hair care, makeup etc. Their beauty products with more than 150 active plant ingredients and botanical complexes, they have harnessed the power of nature to work for your beauty needs. They have been in business for over 40 years, and they have 30 million customers in 90 countries, Yves Rocher is the world leader in botanical beauty care.

Yves Rocher customer review: I just bought some perfume lotion, bath gel and perfume from them. With Yves Rocher promotion coupon and by buying the items from their discount selections, I saved a lot of money on their quality beauty products, plus I got three free gifts with the order and free shipping. However they shipping speed is very slow due to oversea shipment (Yves Rocher offers French beauty products and therefore items will be shipping from France)

Yves Rocher customer service review:

Though Yves Rocher customer service was terrible.

They overcharged on my credit card for my order, so I tried to call them for refund. On my first, the customer service assistant was very snobby and rude, and told me that she couldn't help me. She then told me to email their credit card customer service center. I emailed and no reply. I made another phone call a week later (the customer service was better this time)and once again asked me to email their credit card customer service dept. Then I told them that I already did, but she said that due to their holidays they are slow on the replies. So I email them again, still no reply another week later (at this point, I'm running out patience). I called for the third time and you know what, this time this customer service assistant solved the problem for me right there. So I'm wondering why they couldn't have done that for me on my first call - terrible service and to mention, their online customer service via email sucks (they NEVER got back to me on my emails)!

I have them 3 stars because their products are good, but their customer service is really poor. Also, always check for credit card bill for their purchase.

I hope it's a helpful review!

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Posted by AH (1 decade ago)

I am rating them 3 stars they have good products but the customer service sucks.

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Posted by TJ (1 decade ago)

We ordered and they lost the order the first time the next time said the credit card was not valid , We gave them it again they read it back to us making sure it was correct. Then a week later we called for stats on the order and they said the credit card was wrong again. They are rude and did nothing to help . I am canceling the order and going with a company that has better customer service and doesn't mess the order up every time you place one.


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