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WildBlue Satellite Internet Review + Feedback & Discussion

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Posted by steve nichols (10 years ago)

i would give them 0 stars but it was not an option.we have had wildblue for 13 months it has worked properly 8 and a half of those months!7 times the technician has come out due to signal loss!!!here is your warning save your can hand deliver a letter faster than you can send an email via wildblue!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Posted by Central Kansas (10 years ago)

When we first had Wild Blue it was below average and had no "HIGH SPEED" capabilities, it was a little faster as my Dial-up Service was but I could finally play games and view videos, although they took forever to load. My service goes down when there is the slightest cloud cover, it has been down for days at a time due to cloudy, not always raining weather. They offer no refund in cash or reduction of Kb's either. And the FAP policy (which in my experience is a huge scam to force people into upgrading to their most expensive plan),they slow you down to tortoise speeds, then when you call they tell you you have been "ticketed" for basically speeding on the Internet and they sell you an upgrade telling the way.."that you can always downgrade next month" then supposedly bump them and force them to pay a huge price and still be at a critical level in regards to your usage.

Customer service is horrible, and the 'bandwidth numbers' they use constitute a flat-out ROBBERY and simply have to be made up in order to run their scam. There is no way possible that we were using what they claimed, in fact we got FAP'd 2x in my first two months of service. Me and my daughter only play Farmville on Facebook and she plays a couple more KIDS GAMES, we browse around Ebay, Craigslist, and Facebook but really that is about all we do with our $62.00 package and we have been ticketed for Abuse of ticketed for Internet 'Speeding". They said it could be with my Routers Security Settings (which by the way are enabled)and that someone could be using my service and my bandwidths and to have my BRAND NEW system looked at by a professional. I believe they use this BS scam to sign up more people with their service then they can support and routinely bump people offline and still collect the money. They don't slow you down either, they cut you OFF!! OH, connects 'just' long enough to show the page and then disappear behind IE's CANNOT DISPLAY WEBPAGE message.

People, "IT'S

The speeds are not even close to what they claim they would be. Wild Blue is a huge scam,they are playing the Monopoly game that's it. My advise to all of you thinking of signing with Wild Blue Internet...avoid them at all costs. And if you are already contracted with them..disconnect and pay the contract early cancellation fee.

Someone with some POWER should change this for the millions who could eventually fall into Wildblue's FAIR ACCESS POLICY like I did.

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Posted by Eric (8 years ago)

Canceled them, here is my letter


I had been a Wildblue customer for 2 years, and did not have problems in

general with the service, actually recommended it to others... until I

tried to upgrade to Exede.

I have been a corporate executive and also owned my own business for over

25 years so I know sometimes those higher up are not completely aware of

issues that arise at lower levels, so here is a synopsis of why I am no

longer a customer of your services:

-Ordered upgrade (requiring new dish and modem) in mid-November 2012

-Nov. 14 First installer arrived at about 11:30 AM (He had phoned the night

before saying he expected it would be around 8AM, but he was still within

the schedule window). I was on the Internet without problems literally

until he removed my dish. He attempted for 3 hours to adjust the dish,

tried 4 new modems, ran a new line thorough my window in case the line was

the problem and could not get it working. I actually had to let him use my

laptop and explain how to force a page reload so his page would update

properly each time he tried something else.

Finally around 2:30 he and I spoke to your "tech" department and between

them they decided perhaps all 4 modems were bad so since he had come from

the Baltimore area (100+ miles from me) he arranged to meet another

installer somewhere and get another modem to try, he said about 30 miles


Meanwhile I had no Internet and I do some business on there so he went and

put the old dish back and reconnected the original modem, but could not get

them to work either. So he left, and I waited.

-I waited until 5:30 but still heard nothing, Wildblue customer service

told me the call was still open so he should be returning, they said they

could not tell me anything else.

-At 7:00 I phoned WB again to get a status update, who said they would

contact the installer and have him call me back right away. (At this point

I had decided I did not want to sign another 2 year contract with WB and

just wanted my old service working).

-At 7:30 still had not heard back (I was making sure my phone line was open except for calling WB)

so I called again and I was told they would send a message to the installers and

they would call me back.

-At 8:10, still no call back, so I called WB again, was told maybe sales could help somehow so was

transferred and after 20 min. on hold was disconnected (about the 5th time that had happened) and

nobody evern returned the call.

-At 9:30 Since nobody was calling me back and installer had not returned I called WB once more

to find out my billing cycle. Was disconnected again with no return call.

-Nov. 15 about 08:30, called WB cust. svc. to see what the status was and if anyone was

going to do anything to get me back online. the agent made excuses, and was rude, telling me that

things do not always go perfect. When I mentioned being disconnected so many times he

commented "have you ever worked in a call center?". He transferred me to the tech department to

change the call into a service call. I was not give any status update.

So since I was a prisoner in my home the previous day because of WB I decided to go out to

take care of a few errands. Around 9:30 I got a call on my answsering machine, it was an

installer who said he was "on his way to my house". I didn't even know if/when anyone was

coming. He also seemed unclear about the fact that this was no longer an upgrade but just an

attempt to get my old service working. He arranged his schedule so he could come later in the day

when I was home.

He arrived around 7PM and worked on the dish and modem until about 8:30 with no luck, and of

course he did not have a replacement modem of the type I had.

I called WB tech and explained the situation and they told me that they could possibly get someone back

here with another modem on Nov. 19, but that meant another sevetral days with no Internet so I


For 2 years I had few complaints bout the service I had from WB and recommended WB to friends,

however after this I expect to be posting these details on review sites so that nobody else

is treated so poorly.

I had my own business for over 25 years using contractors and never would I have used the

excuse "they are contractors we have no control over them" if there had been a complaint

as one of the CS people at WB did.

No matter how good a service, with lousy Customer Service and contract workers it will

not prosper as it should.

After writing this email, I had to call your corporate office 4 times to get an email address to send it to,

even though I explained I did not want to speak to anyone they kept sending me to some voicemail.

Finally I got the email address [email protected] which I sent it to and it was promptly

refused by your server and returned. I called once more and was given [email protected]

and forwarded it there and the same thing happened.

  • Internet service overall wasn't bad
  • Cons:
  • Customer Service
  • installers
  • dumb tech people
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    2 out of 2 people said 'YES'


    Posted by Richard Cabeza (9 years ago)

    Wildblue sucks like no other

    WildBlue is a giant rip off! They rape your credit card raise their prices without your consent in the two year contract and you get charged $200.00 for canceling the service. The service is down more than it is up and they charge you to fix their crappy equipment!


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    Posted by Mike S. (1 decade ago)

    Wild Blue satellite internet service had oversold its ability to provide the service speeds it sells and advertises. I have been with Wild Blue for over 2 years and I must say that at first it was OK. Now it is so painfully slow that at times I just stop even trying to use the internet. So many calls to customer service, so many hours wasted on them, always the same story. They tell me there is a known trouble with "the beams". The truth is they cant provide the speed paid for and they are stealing customers money.

    Number 35053

    San Diego, Ca.

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    Posted by fizzbincat (1 decade ago)

    When we first had Wild Blue it was average, and had no real complaints with it, then enter the FAP policy which in my experience is a huge scam to force people up to the most expensive plan, then bump them and force them to pay a huge price for NO SERVICE at all. Customer service is horrible, and the bandwidth numbers they use have to be made up in order to run their scam. There is no way possible that we were using what they claimed, in fact we got FAP'd over some dates we were OUT OF TOWN and the computer was off, somehow our usage supposedly doubled when it was actually zero. I believe they use this scam to put more people on their service than they can support and routinely bump people offline and still collect the money. They don't slow you down either, they cut you off, we could do nothing once they bumped us, not even download an email. The ping is terrible, I believe the best I saw was maybe 1200. And speeds not even close to what they claim. Now we are on a wireless broadband service for HALF the price, about twice the speed and no limits at all, I can't believe I wasn't smart enough to try them long ago. Wild Blue is a huge scam, avoid them at all costs.

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    Posted by Jack (1 decade ago)

    Serrvice is unreliable-mine ahs been off all day. I am using peoplepc as a backup. They should have to pay for it. This has been an ongoing probelm. Write to them and they don't care!!!!!

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    Posted by Dave (1 decade ago)

    Wild Blue sells you Internet service with a promise of 512 download, 128 upload. After they hook you, you notice the speeds are no where near that. They then tell you, that 350 download and 70 upload is acceptable to them. When the speeds are even slower, they like to blame the weather. Today the speeds were 120 download, and 40 upload. Their reason this time... there are peak times when lots of people are on line overloading the server. Therefore they are not responsible for those slow speeds either. You pay a premium price, for what ever you can get. But as they will tell you, all this is legal because its in the contract you sign. Of course they do not sell the service to you, mentioning any of this. Look for other faster ways to connect if you can.

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