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VoIP Supply Review + Feedback & Discussion

VoIP SupplyYou can write a review for VoIP Supply and also view its ratings and comments posted by others.

VOIP Supply is also offering the Polycom system starting at $226!.

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User-Submitted Reviews of VoIP Supply & Testimonials

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Posted by Sid (1 decade ago)

VOIP Supply does not honor their warranties. No hassle my butt. They want the money and they want you to go away. Beware buying from this company or these phones. Power supplies go bad, no problem use a POE. Phones lock up because they are very limited on memory and Grandstream will put out an update with out testing. They will lock up the phones and VOIP Supply will not take them back, even with the “No Hassle” warranty. Beware this company and these phones, you have been warned. They will sell you any and smile and laugh and get it to you on time. After the sale you will become nothing to them, they have zero after sale support. They will blow you off. If that does not work they will give you the run around and waste your time in the hopes you go away. They will tell you one thing in one email and then respond with a whole different reason for not refunding or warranty work in an email. People do not work here long and that shows that they go through people fast. We have the “No Hassle” warranty and I have a bunch of phone waiting to send in, no luck they changed there warranty and we just can not take them back. We can sell you new one. It is funny that when you send in the MAC for warranty they come back and say those are out of warranty. Even though I forgot the MAC until the 3rd email. When they finally got the MAC, oh they are out of warranty. These units have 9 months left on the warranty. Beware of this company.

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Posted by avoid voipsupply (8 years ago)

Does not honor their agreements! up-sold us items that were not needed for our system. They then refused to refund our money even though they state on the return policy that they would. Stay FAR away. I wish I saw others' reviews before I ran across this horrible company. They just drop ship items from the manufacturer and don't ship from their offices.

  • teach you how to get ripped off
  • teach you not to trust people
  • Cons:
  • dont honor their return policy or any other agreement
  • everything else about them
  • what a miserable experience
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    Posted by Brian M (9 years ago)

    VoIP Supply ships fast and sells quality products. Even there refurbished products are solid and the one phone I had to warranty they took care of almost immediately. I highly recommend VoIP Supply!

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    Posted by Josh Wilkerson (9 years ago)

    VoIP Supply is one of the best companies I've done business with. They're staff, like Brian Hyrek, really know there stuff. I would recommend them to anyone looking for VoIP equipment.

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