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Virgin Mobile USA Review + Feedback & Discussion

Virgin Mobile USAYou can write a review for Virgin Mobile USA and also view its ratings and comments posted by others.


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User-Submitted Reviews of Virgin Mobile USA & Testimonials

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David in Texas reviewer photoPosted by David in Texas (7 years ago)

Review of Virgin Mobile Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE

Just bought the Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE as an upgrade to the dog-slow Motorola Triumph which was still running Anroid 2.3. The Victory has the 4.1 Jellybean OS, and it certain is running way faster.

Now the coverage map for me here in western suburb of Austin says it has their 4G LTE coverage which was a main reason why I bought this device. However, at home, and within most of my community, I cannot get 4G. But further along the 620 and the 71 I do get it. When it is on 4G- it is FAST. The sites I typically visit load up in the same amount of time as when the Victory is connected via Wi-fi in my house.

Speaking of Wi-fi, it is leaps and bounds better than the Triumph. The wireless would constantly drop on the Motorola device and sometimes I needed a full phone reboot to get it working again. On the Victory- very solid and no problem at all. It connects when within range of the Wi-fi hotspot at home very robustly.

I bought a nice case for it ("Aimo Wireless SAML300PCMX028S Guerilla Armor Hybrid Case with Kickstand") on Amazon for like $6 including shipping, BUT the USB charger hole on the bottom of the case was too small but 1 to 2mm. So what I did was used a pair of sharp scissors to grind away some of the plastic, and it worked just fine after that.

Voice quality was good, speed in terms of apps responsiveness is nice thanks to its dual core CPU. The Samsung Galaxy Victory battery life has been pretty good. Using it periodically throughout the day for calls/texts and web browsing, and at the end of the day I usually see 50 to 55% battery left.

Here is a tip though- don't plug and unplug the phone to the charger too many times unless you absolutely must, as too many charge cycles will shorten the life of the phone's battery.

The camera seems a little better than the Triumph, not by much though. I haven't used the NFC feature (nor will I, I think) so I can't comment its functionality.

Overall I'm happy with this "budget" 4G ANDROID OS smartphone, especially since I got it at a special offer discount. Hopefully it will last for the next 2 years before we upgrade to another phone- by then it will probably be like Android 5.0/5.1, 1080P screens, & wireless charging, lol.

  • responsive
  • 4G LTE
  • good discount
  • Cons:
  • camera isn't very impressive
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    3 out of 3 people said 'YES'


    Worried About Phone reviewer photoPosted by Worried About Phone (7 years ago)

    Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE Speaker Went Bad

    Like the other reviewer, I also purchased the Galaxy Victory. But only after 3 months, the speaker went bad. I raised the volume to full and occasionally static would come out, but mostly just silence. Rebooting it didn't help. When I tried the headphone jack, the sound from there had no problem, so conclusion = built-in speaker went dead.

    I contacted customer service via email, and got this response:


    Thanks for contacting Virgin Mobile Customer Care.

    We are sorry, we are in the middle of a system update right now and unfortunately, we are unable to access your account a this time. Please call back or contact us within two hours, we should be able to take care

    of this for you.

    We are very thankful with all of our customers supporting us with their patience on this.

    If you need additional assistance, feel free to let us know how we can assist further or contact us at 1-888-322-1122 (or *86 from a Virgin Mobile handset). You can reach us Monday through Friday from 6:00 AM?

    10:00 PM CST, Saturday and Sunday from 6:00 AM - 9:00 PM CST. As a kind reminder, always make sure to include your Virgin Mobile phone number and PIN on all replies.


    Porfirio C.

    Virgin Mobile At Your Service


    Say what? They couldn't even wait until their system came back up to get back to me. Really weird. What was also not acceptable is they copied my original request message, and included in their reply my vkey in plain text in the form of "PIN number". Talk about horrible security.

    So I had to, once I remembered, send another request email. This time they were more helpful, and I received a replacement phone within 3 days. It didn't come with a battery nor charger, which was fine, but the version id of the hardware seems to be 2 #'s earlier than my current Samsung Galaxy Victory. Whatever- it worked, not without more wasted time of having to setup accounts, re-download/install/log-in to all the apps.

    Hopefully the speaker will hold up this time. I'd bet it will, until the 12 month warranty ends, LOL. It sounds like a wide spread problem/defect for this particular phone.

  • they sent a replacement
  • Cons:
  • had to email customer service a couple times
  • customer service reply email had vkey password in plain text
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    2 out of 2 people said 'YES'


    Charles G. reviewer photoPosted by Charles G. (4 years ago)

    Poor Reception in My Area

    We live in the suburbs about 18 miles west of Austin in Lakeway, and there is very weak signal. At best I can get only a mere 2 bars. Most of the time I cannot even get data either. Thankfully I can cancel after a month, but no way this is acceptable until Virgin Mobile, or should I say Sprint, get more cell towers in this affluent fast growing area. I had T-Mobile and thought I can save $15 a month with VM, but it's not worth it obviously if the basics such as voice quality and data connection are so poor. The phone is crummy as well, constantly running out of space and can't update past Android 4.1, which is a joke.

    Bought: Unlimited $35 a month

  • No contract
  • Cons:
  • piss-poor reception
  • phone is very limited
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    Comments on Previous Virgin Mobile USA Promotions/Offers

    8 years ago, David wrote:

    Insane discount, period. I currently have a LG Rumor Touch and it's worked well for me over over a year, but man when I saw this offer I just had to upgrade to the Motorola Triumph. Can't wait to get it. I already have a Android 3.2 tablet (Asus Transformer) and read that the apps should transfer over no problem, including the ones from the Amazon App Store.

    9 years ago, Patrick in Portland wrote:

    Awesome- code saved me $30 from the LG Optimus Slider.

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