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Posted by JY (9 years ago)

Terrible, period

I ordered a $1300 BDI TV stand from Video & Audio Center back in July for what was I thought a pretty reasonable price. After well over a week, got an email from the company saying that the stand was damaged during shipping. Darn it. They went ahead and shipped another one. Got it maybe 2 1/2 weeks after purchase. We had to go help the sweaty delivery guy take it off the truck because it was too heavy for him to carry alone. Then we opened it up to check for damage because the box had holes in it. Low and behold, a thin, long crack about 1 1/2 foot long on the top of the stand. So had to help the guy haul it back to the truck. The third attempt? Didn't even make it. AMAZINGLY enough, the delivery company (Manna) called and said that the box was tattered and "beat-up". So we said don't even bother trying to deliver it. The customer service for Video and Audio Center copped a really bad attitude about the whole ordeal. They refused to change the delivery company and never took any responsibility. They even BLAMED US for the problem, saying that the roads to our home must be really rough. WTF??? Then they even LIED and told us that now the stand is out of stock for 2 to 3 weeks, when on Amazon (where they are a third party merchant) was still selling it and listing it as "In Stock". We had to complain to Amazon to get a refund.

This whole thing felt like some sort of a scam. Somebody surely profitted from delivering damaged goods 3 times- definitely not the insurance company. The whole thing seemed very fishy. And after over a month, we are still without a TV stand because of this fiasco.

Beware of AudioVideoCenter- they sell through and of course also where we bought the stand. Just customer service at some of it's ugliest I've ever experienced.

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