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Verizon HSI Review + Feedback & Discussion

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Langdon reviewer photoPosted by Langdon (8 years ago)

Verizon Triple Play Promotion + Review

We needed to switch away from TW, and really had hoped Verizon FiOS is available in our area, but alas, still no. So first we had to decide which Verizon Triple Play Promotion to go after. The package with the higher speed (aka Verizon High Speed Internet "enhanced") turned out to be the one we went for. Since it was less than 25 cents extra a day, it was worth it. The phone service is alright- nothing special. Wish call forwarding is included (costs like $6 extra). But it will work well for us as a fax line here and there. Heard people who have had problem with VOIP and fax, so it's nice to have a physical landline.

The highlight of the package was the DirecTV DVR (we got the HD one). It was free after the $199 off promo, and man it is a slick piece of technology. We're just in awe of it and wouldn't think of watching a show now without pre-recording it.

Hope this helps!

  • the DVR!
  • Cons:
  • phone service missing some features
  • long distance extra
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    Comments on Previous Verizon HSI Promotions/Offers

    7 years ago, Nick wrote:

    Good promotion price especially because Genie DVR is now part of the bundle offer. The only con I can think off is the crummy upload speed as I am still quite jealous of those who can get FIOS. Installation was free too for my apartment rental.

    8 years ago, Daniel Chang wrote:

    Nice deal- was looking to switch away from Dish anyways and upgrade the crappy 512K download speed. This triple play promo package worked just fine.

    8 years ago, Roberto, LA wrote:

    It worked. We don't make much money but the kids need internet at home and this Verizon DSL double play was the best promo for us. God bless.

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