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Verizon FiOS Promotion Code for New Customers

Verizon FiOSKitty Who Loves Verizon FiosFind new 2017 October and November 2017 Verizon FiOS promotions and new customer promo code offers for big FiOS discounts on triple play and double play bundles here. The staff of CoolComputing has a collection of the newest available special Internet bundle prices for the superfast service catering to both the home and business. With it you can easily locate and do a package comparison consisting of Internet, FiOS TV and phone to suit you. Some may even involve a free gift card, with select offers providing a free router, free DVR and premium channels such as HBO, Starz and Showtime. One con is that you may be required to enter a one or two year contract but you may find the savings to be worth it. You can also read customer reviews of Verizon FiOS.

Best New Package Promotions

Specially-priced FiOS Double play bundle deal (50/50 & local Fios TV channels to get under $60 a month) is available when you sign up for the 2 years offer. (TIP: $25 a month gets you custom TV and the 100/100 speed). There is a free premium movie bonus that you can pick from (HBO or Showtime, Starz, or Cinemax.)
[Discount of 41.67%.]
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Sorry but the double play deal is kinda weak when I looked at what the triple was giving me. Now if they are offering the same gift card like the 3X, I'd likely snap it up.
Worked nicely. Got the 2 year Triple play. IMO deciding between these bundles ultimately boils down to whether or not you want the FiOS phone or the FiOS Quantum. Or if you require the extra speed from the Quantum. For me, I'm completely happy with 15/5, so I'll take the cheaper package which is $25 cheaper. Over 2 years that adds up to $600, and you get the digital phone as well.
It's New Year's Eve and just finished spending the last hour doing research and completing the signup. The special offer discount was ten bucks a month. Also did their offer for Showtime, HBO and Cinemax. The install date coincides with my promotion end date for DISH = another plus. Happy New Year everyone!
Done deal. Verizon FiOS Quantum 50/25 + FiOS Extreme + $200 gift card for less than $110. I'm doubtful that the Black Friday or Cyber Monday FiOS promotion will be better than this. One thing I DIDN'T like is the extra charge if you want the entire home DVR, and additional outlets + boxes cost extra. But had to shell out the $ for them.
triple play offer for us. It's probably Verizon's Labor Day Promotion for FiOS. Price lock is for TWO years, and my broadband speed is 50 down and 20 down. After doing some math, I'm pretty sure this is the best discount because the other ones only lock you in for one year, and presuming price increase of ~$10 a month, that's $120 different. Then the $200 card cinches it. Very happy. Just got an iPad 3 too. I don't think I will have any speed issues with movie streaming now ;-).
Looks like they removed the slow and crappy 3/1 deal and replaced it with the 15/5 for the same price. The 3/1 promotion was DUMB. Who would want to sign up for that crap- I might as well stick with DSL. The FiOS TV local channels package- I suppose it would make sense for someone who doesn't need ESPN and subscribe to Hulu+ and Netflix. I'm doing a thumbs down on this deal and going with the triple play with the $200 gift card instead.
Decided on the 50/25 FiOS Quantum double play bundle promotion. Now I can really maximize my newsgroup and BT bandwidth. I do find it a bit misleading that Verizon advertises that you can download a 1000 super-gig movie in 10 seconds, etc. It's not just your download rate, it's also how fast the provider of your download LETS YOU download.
I was considering Verizon fios as the $39.00 per month DSL plan I have sucks. I'm lucky if I get 1.5 mbps but verizon could care less. Then after being really sick & finding I forgot to pay my bill on time they charged me a 1.5% or $7.00 late fee, which works out to an 18% penalty.!! Once again the upper income individual who can afford a more expensive package pay a lesser late fee than those of us who can barely afford DSL.
We didn't need the phone service so went with this FIOS double play promotion and kept our Ooma VOIP. Eventually I will probably look into the whole-house DVR, but not today. The deal worked as advertised, thank you!
We got the double play package with the FiOS TV LA CONEXION promotion offer. Had to shell out a little extra by the family loves it!
Not sure why they don't have a business triple play. Having access to certain channels such as CNN and CNBC are actually business necessities for our home-based business. For now I suppose we'll be fine with the double play promotional offer and the free stuff.
I was struggling whether to get the fios triple or double play because we right now have the Ooma phone service with Premier. Decided that ok it's been working fine and going with the double play was the verdict.
Ordered this for our home business and got the $200 GC in a little over a month. GREAT service, GREAT deal.
This Verizon FiOS business promo was too good to us to pass up with the big monthly discount and gift card. We were running a T1 but will now be switching to FiOS. I don't mind the two year contract since it's pretty much a price-lock. Hoping now for a seamless transition and installation.
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Verizon Fios Double Play Promotion
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Hot Verizon Fios Triple Play GIGABIT promotion comes with special monthly discount of impressive total savings over two years when you account for the free activation fee as well. The deal allows you to also can get FREE HBO for a year as part of the package. In addition, get multi-room DVR for as a free bonus as well.
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Awesome deal on the new gigabit speed. Thank you.
Don't really need the speed, though the offer is too tempting thus I bit :D
Whoa I got the $400 gift card deal, lol. Thanks!
Been monitoring their price movement; bit with this newest Easter promo that is expiring. Didn't really need the phone service, but will use it as a dedicated fax line.
Good deal for me. 15 down + 5 up isn't the bomb any more, but is still plenty fast for me. My friend has the same plan and Netflix 4K streaming worked for him, with occasional buffering, so that convinced me. Also uncertain why anyone would do the non-2y offer since you wouldn't receive the $300 gift card.
Says $79 but it's actually the first year, then the second year converts to $89. Averages to $84, which is not a bad price point historically. The cash card swayed me though, because it's like taking off an extra $25/mo. $84-$25 = $59 before tax. Quite too tempting to resist, lol.
Worked! Got in on this esp. as FIOS is naturally a fit for my Asus 802.11ac; and yes I kept the old firmware haha.
Hot. Pulled trigger. Didn't want to wait until Black Friday. Total after taxes came out to be $103 per month.
Solid offer. In lieu of the VISA cash card I picked the Amazon Gift Card which had the $20 extra in bonus money. I'm a BIG Amazon shopper anyways. Looking to cancel Netflix as I just got in on Amazon Prime. My kids love Dora & Diego, but Netflix doesn't have them anymore. Plus Amazon Instant Video now has 6th season of Curious George which my 2 year old just love. FiOS plus HD streaming from Amazon + GC should be a happy upcoming 2 years for the Duncan family. :-)
What was it because now it's the highest I've seen, although the per-month charge went up by $5. Game of Thrones just finished thus despite the tempting half-off offer for HBO, not gonna add it.
That isn't a good deal. FiOS sucks butt. J/K :-P Nice offer actually as they raised the amount on the gift card vs the other week.
I was going to go for the Double Play promo and saw that it only offered "select" HD. It doesn't even have ESPN, lol. That was the back-breaker. Thumbs down on that crap. This Triple Play FiOS Mother's Day deal was that one we went for. Didn't really need the extra phone line, but come on, I need ESPN.
I guess Verizon really want to push this special triple play offer because the double play FiOS deal just withers compared to this promo. I didn't exactly need the digital voice, but added it because for $10 more I'm getting 333% upgrade in speed plus the free DVR for a year.
LOL dude's wish below came true. Too bad he didn't wait. The offer gives you can get the Hi-Def DVR free for a year and u get QUANTUM.
Got in on this deal for FiOS triple play. Not a Verizon troll but IMVHO this promotion is missing some sort of HD-DVR offer, or at least a discounted rate. The cash card tipped the balance though on my decision process. Re-tweeted.
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Verizon Fios Triple Play Promotion
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How much did you save thanks to the coupons and/or promotions? - $230 on average according to 1 person $
What % discount off did you get vs original price? - 35% on average as indicated by 1 person %

Comments on Previous Verizon FiOS Promotions/Offers

3 years ago, Germaine J. wrote:

Checking around a new subsidized cell plan I saw this offer. For some time now, FiOS has been ready for my apartment in the city, but the cheapness within me told me not get it. My dabbling in photography now, however, has necessitated faster upload speeds to Flikr, and thus I'm o.k. with switching now. For wireless, I decided to change over from Sprint to Verizon for the new iPhone 6 Plus, so this deal gets me another $200 off the iPad Air 2 post-install.

4½ years ago, Jerome wrote:

Get paid $250 for a 24-month price lock. I like this offer versus the no contract. That equates to an extra discount of $250/24 = $10.42, translating to $79.57 a month. HOT.

4½ years ago, Android Art wrote:

This St Patrick's Day Promotion applied nicely. That **** speed is crazy. Added the HBO deal since Game of Throne is coming at end of the month.

4½ years ago, London wrote:

New FIOS deal worked today 2/27 no problem. +1 Hope the new copyright 6 strike system won't get me, lol.

4½ years ago, Bill Chang wrote:

Saw this offer and thought it was too good to resist. Quantum Speed Triple Play and then free $250 on top of that for less than anything less a Benjamin = 2 big thumbs up. My concern is how much higher the price will be after the commitment period, but maybe some sort of existing customer promotion can be had at that point.

5 years ago, Joe wrote:

Thumbs up on this FiOS Holiday Deal which is for Black Friday surely. Dunno why they don't simply put $80 because that is the price after the coupon code discount. And the $300 gift card beats their previously best offers by $50 or $100.

5 years ago, Ronald H. wrote:

This is an improved promotion over a couple of the other double play FIOS offers because of the G.C. However I had hoped it was a two year price lock. The Extreme PLUS Quantum bundle promo has a better G.C. and has an additional year of price lock, but I didn't want to pay $25 extra monthly.

5 years ago, Jake R. wrote:

We wanted to stick with Ooma. This particular double play FiOS promotion was interesting with the $100 cash card. Went ahead and got the HBO discount as well. We're big-time fans of Games of Thrones.

5 years ago, J.J. wrote:

Was looking for the FiOS offer for Triple Play that came with the gift card, and found it here. 2 year price lock and a $200 GC. Verizon got me. :)

5 years ago, Christian E. wrote:

The two year plan is the best promotion. I talked to my friends who have FIOS (and yes, they make me feel left out, lol), and the two of them who didn't go for the two year regretted it because the prices went up after 12 months for them. It's kind of dumb that the free DVR and STB last only for a year though, and that's why I opted for the gift card. I live in a loft anyways so I don't need the extra STB.

5 years ago, Lee wrote:

Disagree with the post below. IMO the 12 month whole-home DVR plus an additional HD box is the better promotion. I don't want to bother with a third-party DVR box and fuss around with cable cards, therefore the 2-year deal on this gets saves me over $350 instead when you factor in the monthly rental costs of those 2 boxes. I also splurged on the HBO offer which is half off for a year.

5 years ago, Quantum is Supreme wrote:

I went with this promotion code for FiOS Quantum Triple Play and selected the 2 year option. All of a sudden a $200 gift card offer appeared. I jumped at the deal- no need to convince. YES, YES, YES!

5 years ago, Ultimate Warrior Fan wrote:

I think I've found my dream FIOS package. First of all I don't need all the channels in the Extreme TV lineup plus I wanted to get in on the a Quantum Triple, as fast as possible, for around $100. So for $120, I got the 70/35 Triple Play Quantum deal that comes with Prime TV + digital phone. Because I'm using WMC with the triple tuner Silicon Dust Homerun USB prime, I'm perfectly content with having their super DVR for free for 6 months (versus the 12 to 18 months in the other bundle offers).

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