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Posted by Carla Joseph (10 years ago)

My son was struggling with math, and tutoring was prohibitively expensive. Fortunately for us our neighbor recommended TenMarks. We took a FREE trial to get a sense of the program and the approach and subsequently signed up. Daniel who is now in 6th grade is really enjoying the program. He loves the interactive worksheets, with hints and video lessons. So if a problem is confusing, there are these helpful hints and if he is still stuck, there is a video that walks him through the problem. An interesting part of the program is that it allows the student to go back over their work and get all the problems right good reinforcement of the math concepts and nice (for the confidence) to get all 10 out of 10 problems correct.

It is an individualized program and really well-designed there are games and incentives and which makes it all the more fun and provides that much needed motivation for kids to complete their work!

Although we signed up recently, Daniel is already becoming more confident in math and his grades are improving!

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Posted by jack (10 years ago)

I like tenmarks because its very effective in teaching maths to my kid.

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