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Posted by VCO (4 years ago) Removed eGiftcard Redemption Link

The other night we went to Target to shop, and at checkout I wanted to redeem our mobile eGift Card. I went to on the Safari browser of my iPhone, but for the life of me could not locate the link to use the mobile GC, like I was able to do in the past. I was forced to pay using our Target Red Card. I believe they did this intentionally to slow down the gift card redemption rate at the stores. This was very annoying and inconvenient.

After some digging, I was able to find the page again. The direct link is:

You then have to log in via your cell phone # and then the pin code, just like before. Bookmark it and load it up next time before you get to checkout in-store.

  • They took out the mobile gift card redemption link!
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    Posted by Dana (8 years ago)

    Do not use Target Baby Registry

    I have shopped at Target ever since I could remember, on and off. I recently registered on their Baby Registry. I will NEVER shop at target again. When it comes down to it, they not only are useless, they created nothing but a headache for be me during a time that should be stress free and fun.

    Their website is extremely slow! Even from their own store kiosk. I couldn't register online due to this, and my list of items would never even show up online. My registry was constantly getting screwed up. They didn't have many items in stock in the store, even though I registered in store. They did not mark my items as purchased. TWO people told me how they had to repeatedly call target after shopping there and tell them they still didn't take my item off- which is prob why I got repeat items!!

    Then to top it off, they wouldn't allow me to exchange items bought from target, without a receipt or it being on my registry. Even though I had the actual website print out showing it was a product of theirs.

    The manager Ally was rude.I have gift cards from target which I am selling because I stand firm I will never shop there again. I do not recommend their baby registry to ANYONE. trust me- the headache is not worth the pennies you think you may be saving.

  • There is always a Target close by.
  • Cons:
  • See my review
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    Posted by Donna (8 years ago)

    Target customer's review

    I LOVE to shop at because I can find great deals of a lot of stuff from clothing, kitchen applies or even furniture, and the best part is that I can always return the items at my local target store. I also love to shop at target store - their customer service is always great!

  • can return the items at the local store-great discount
  • coupon code that I can find sometime
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    2 out of 2 people said 'YES'


    Jack T. reviewer photoPosted by Jack T. (4 years ago)

    Would Not Refund Full Amount in Price Drop Difference

    I bought a large deck box earlier this month, and tonight saw it drop it price by over $8. There was an additional coupon for $5 off, making the difference to be nearly $14.

    I thought about placing the order and then returning the original, but noticed that hey they have an online chat. I was surprised that it was still open- it was always 11 PM CST.

    This is the chat transcript of what transpired:

    You are now connected to Kevin.

    Kevin: Thanks for shopping on My name is Kevin. How can I help you?

    Jack: Hi I placed an order for a deck box a little more than a week ago but I noticed a price drop- can I get a refund of the price difference or should I order at the new price and return the original?

    Kevin: Let me check and help you with this.

    Jack: Order # 102684333***

    Kevin: Thanks for the order number.

    Kevin: Jack, can you please verify your email address?

    Jack: ****

    Jack: Right now it is $58.79 and I can apply a coupon TGTGUSYC for a total of $55.32, versus the original price I paid of $69.10.

    Kevin: Thanks for the details.

    Kevin: Jack, please stay online while I adjust the price of $8.4 on your order, I will be right back.

    Jack: The difference should actually be $69.10 - $55.32 = $13.78

    Kevin: Jack, I see that when you placed the order the item price was $67.19 and now the item price is $58.79.

    Jack: Yes but I paid $69.10 after tax and 5% red card discount. Right now again I can apply a $5 off coupon TGTGUSYC to get it for $55.32 after that coupon + my redcard 5% off discount.

    Kevin: I am sorry, currently this item doesn't have the promotion and we can only adjust the price of the item.

    Jack: Just wanted to save you guys on the shipping costs, but oh well I will just have to order and return the current one (which I haven't even opened yet).

    Jack: If you want to check my cart: cart number : 102702214***

    Kevin: Okay, in this situation I can go ahead and adjust the price for $8.4+5= $13.4 on your order.

    Kevin: Is that okay with you?

    Jack: It's supposed to be a difference of $13.78, but yeah that's fine.

    Kevin: Jack, I am sorry we will not be able adjust the price for tax.

    Kevin: Please accept my apologies for any disappointment.

    Jack: Okay $13.4 is fine

    Kevin: Thanks for understanding the situation.

    Kevin: Please stay online.

    ***After 5 minutes of waiting***

    Kevin: Thanks for waiting.

    Kevin: I have gone ahead and adjusted the price on your order and you will receive the confirmation email shortly.

    Jack: Great thanks

    Kevin: You are welcome.

    Kevin: Can I help you with anything else?

    Jack: No that is it thanks for your help

    Kevin: It's my pleasure!

    Kevin: Have a good one!

    Jack: You too

    Kevin: Thanks for shopping on I hope you'll visit us again soon!

    Please click here to take a brief survey about your experience.

    So I lost out on $0.38 cents trying to save Target probably $20+ in shipping, but it's fine because I also saved the time and trouble of returning the deck box (it is huge). I think I might have given them a 5 out of 5 stars in customer service, however, if they had stepped up and just refunded the actual amount of savings.

    Bought: Suncast 99 gallon deck box

  • Chat service available even late at night
  • Did provide a refund of most of the price-difference
  • Cons:
  • Did not do a full refund of the discount disparity
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    Bee Cave Shopper reviewer photoPosted by Bee Cave Shopper (4 years ago)

    Would Only Provide Refund at a Lower Price Point Than Bought

    I purchased a Spongebob Megablocks LEGO toy for our preschooler for about $11 when it was on clearance at Target. It was about 50% off. The next week when we visited target we saw that it was now $6 and change, so we bought that with the intention of returning the original one, which was still unopened.

    We did not get a chance to return the original one until maybe 2 weeks after, but when we tried to we were told we would only get $6 back unless we provided the receipt. As for the past year we had gotten used to making returns at Target without one, we did not have it nor could we find it once we returned home.

    The problem we have in this case is that their system could have easily seen that we purchased the first one at $11. In fact the price tag was still on the box indicating that as well.

    If is not a huge deal but it was certainly an annoyance. My advice for you in the future is to not do what we did- but instead when you find the same item at a lower price later, go to the customer service desk right away instead of buying it again and then assuming that they will simply refund your original purchase correctly.

    Bought: Mega Bloks SpongeBob SquarePants Invisible Boatmobile Rescue

    Order Date: 2015-07-25

  • Good price
  • Cons:
  • Would not refund the original price without receipt
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    Posted by joan (1 decade ago) Customer Reviews and comments: I really like to shop at Target stores but I like even more to shop at Target online store. Because a lot of time, they have greater discounts on their products. almost always offers free shipping on orders of $50 or more, and i notice that they frequently offer 5%-15% coupon to give a further discount on their on sale furniture. Sometimes also offers coupon code like $5 off $50 or more. The greatest thing about shopping at target online store, is, that i can return/exchange the items in store with no problem.

    I highly recommend :)

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