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Trent reviewer photoPosted by Trent (6 years ago)

Weird (805) 637-7249 Number Costing $5.99

We were on a cruise and when out of the country. The T-Mobile Simple Choice plan worked really well as we were able to use Google Maps with fairly decent 3G/4G speeds in Europe (except Croatia).

But when we returned home, we saw this weird $5.99 usage charge on the bill. The description was Bermuda (AT&T Maritime) to U.S with the type being (R)(G), whatever that meant. It indicated the call was charged when we were on the ship, but we never even used the cell while aboard.

I called the CS and they immediately removed the charge. She said that most people who go on cruises would turn off the phone. So apparently it was some sort of incoming phone call that trigger the charge, even though it was never answered. Very odd, but in the end, I'm glad that cost plus tax incurred were refunded. The total was about $6.60.

  • Customer Service promptly issued refund without issue
  • Cons:
  • Got charged while on cruise despite not using phone
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    Most helpful. I was charged the same way twice on 2 consecutive days on cruise and thanks to your review got the charges refunded.

    6 out of 6 people said 'YES'


    Hank reviewer photoPosted by Hank (5 years ago)

    Beware of Bogus MCP Charges on Cruises

    Recently we got back from a Transatlantic Cruise and I was surprised to find access charges from our iPhone 6 Plus even though there was no signal. This was the chat log with TMobile CS:

    Joanna C: Hi, this is Joanna. I hope you are doing good.

    Joanna C: Let us check your account now about your concern.

    Joanna C: I just need to find out. Is it for the line ending in 3212?

    You: Yes. I noticed that I was charged $11.98 (for "voicemail" even though I never checked messages) and $4.80 "usage charges" while I was on my cruise, but I NEVER used the phone to make a call, etc.

    Joanna C: Oh no worries. I will check these charges for you here and we will find out why there are charges.

    You: I remember there were text messages that said I can text a certain code to enable calls from the ship (costs extra) but I never did that.

    Joanna C: I am now checking them here.

    Joanna C: I can see here that the $11.98 is a charge for international calls. Also, the $4.80 is for accessing data. I would appreciate if you would tell me the name of the cruise ship you were on.

    You: The Norwegian Star; yup once again I never enabled or made any calls, data etc. That was no cellular data anyways on the ship- I had to pay separately to use the ship's wifi. On ports I used the unlimited international 3G offered by my plan.

    Joanna C: Thanks for assuring me that you never used cellular data in making calls however the usage was detected by the system and it seems that you might have accidentally dialed a number before turning on your Wi-Fi.

    Joanna C: Here's what we are going to do instead,I will adjust the charges.

    Joanna C: Please be advised that this will be a one-time credit and any adjustment with the same charge in the future will no longer be honored.

    Joanna C: Also, please allow us 1 hour to show the adjustment on the account.

    Joanna C: Kindly dial #BAL# from your phone or log in in to My T-Mobile after an hour to check the updated balance

    Joanna C: Would that be all for today Hank?

    You: Well it's some sort of scam because I never called anyone; there was never any data connection established, and it was under my understanding that I had to text some code to enable the calling from the ship which I never did

    Joanna C: When it comes to calls, you're plan is preactivated with roaming, no need to dial sort of codes.

    You: So if I get charged again in the future for something I didn't use, and you won't "honor it" or whatever; I don't know about that- I'll have to look at other service providers because I am not going to pay for something that I did not use

    Joanna C: Moving forward, we can put international blocking that will cover talk, text, and data. In that way, you will not incur any charges. Will that work for you?

    You: What were these text messages then warning me some $5.99 per minute would apply?

    You: And I had to dial #???# to enable

    You: But yes please do the block so this will not happen again

    Joanna C: Definitely, we do not want to lose you just because of these charges. And necessary investigation will be conducted if in case you will be charged again. But since we will have the blocking feature, I can assure you that you will no longer incur such charges.

    Joanna C: About the code, can you tell me what exactly to dial so I can figure out what is that for?

    You: Let me look at my phone to see if it is still in the history

    Joanna C: That is appreciated. Thanks for your cooperation.

    You: BTW would an international block affect the international unlimited 3G I have on my plan?

    Joanna C: Yes. It would. But if you don't like the international unlimited 3G to be affected, we'll block the talk and text then.

    Joanna C: You okay with that Hank?

    You: Yes because that's why I have this plan because we travel often, so w/o the unlimited international 3G this would not be the service for me.

    You: Does that mean I can't text if I'm in another country now? That won't work for me.

    Joanna C: Good question. Yes if we are going to put the block, it will block texts and calls as well.

    Joanna C: But here's what I highly suggest Hank, before you travel, please get in touch with us so we can have you informed if there will be charges for using the service outside US.

    You: No I can't have that block then. Can that MCP (the company that charged) be blocked?

    Joanna C: Do you mean you want to block MCP's calls and texts?

    You: Everything, data, whatever

    Joanna C: At the moment, we do not have specific blocks. If we will put the block, it will cover all countries. But you have the option to remove the blocking by simply reaching us here in chat or by calling 1-800-937-8997 once you are in a different country.

    Joanna C: Do you have any further questions for me Hank?

    You: So how much did you credit me back?

    Joanna C: I applied credit for the $11.98 and $4.80 charge. So that is a total of $16.78 Hank.

    Joanna C: Would there be anything else for me today?

    You: So you didn't enable any block, right?

    Joanna C: Yes Hank.

    You: That's it- thanks for your help

    Joanna C: You are welcome!

    Thank you for choosing T-mobile Live Chat. Again, this is Joanna. Thanks for giving me the chance to help you resolve your concern. It has been my pleasure chatting with you. Have a good day and take care of yourself!

    Moral of the story is that if you have their Simple Choice plan (which has free International Data), make sure your phone has cellular turned off while on the ship, and only enable when the boat is in port. As for TMobile service I was not very impressed as they pretty much gave me a threat that they would not help in the future.

    Bought: Simple Choice Post Paid

  • TMobile refunded charges
  • Cons:
  • Charges accessed on cruise ship due to automatic roaming feature of TMobile Simple Choice Plan
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    4 out of 4 people said 'YES'


    Dave Y. reviewer photoPosted by Dave Y. (5 years ago)

    Cancelled Order Shipped Anyways

    I ordered the iPhone 6 Plus 64GB from as a Christmas present for my wife back in mid-October. To my chagrin, the ship date kept being pushed back. I finally had enough and called to cancel on November 26th. Several days later, I noticed that the status still didn't say cancelled for the order, so I called AGAIN. This time they said they would "escalate" my request, as if my first cancellation request carried no weight.

    A couple days later in early December, it STILL showed that it was scheduled to ship on or after December 6, so I called a third time. The rep I spoke to was friendly and seemingly understanding at my frustration, and assured that she would do another escalation of the matter. She stressed that if it does ship, simply refuse shipment. The problem was that we were going on a week-long cruise starting on December 7, so there would be no one to do that if did ship.

    When we came back, I was incensed to find the order did ship and was left outside the door. When I called Customer Support, they initially told me that too bad, when I placed the order I agreed to the terms and conditions, blah blah, and that I have to bring it to a UPS store and pay to ship it back. Incredulous, I asked for a supervisor, who finally agreed to call UPS to come pick it up. But it turned out that he couldn't even do that, and that I had to call myself to have them come and take it as a refused order. The UPS employee I spoke to told me that T-Mobile could have easily cancelled the shipment even after it had been shipped.

    This terrible business practice is really something I have not experienced with any reputable online retailer lately, much less a massive company such as T-Mobile. The whole matter has been a large waste of my valuable time, and I'm certainly very unhappy about it.

    Bought: Apple iPhone 6 Plus 64 GB Gold

    Order Date: 2014-10-18

    Date Received: 2014-12-09

  • bad customer service and communication with warehouse
  • fishy business practice of shipping cancelled order

  • Customer Contacted T Mobile Via:
    (800) 866-2453

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    4 out of 4 people said 'YES'


    T.M. reviewer photoPosted by T.M. (5 years ago)

    T-Mobile EIP Not Automatically Refunded for Returned Device

    With this company, you have to be careful if you return your phone, or otherwise you will not get the refund you deserve. I refused shipment on an iPhone 6 order and it took weeks and several contacts with customer service to get a refund on the down payment. But I noticed that they did NOT refund the Equipment Installment Plan (EIP) which I also paid for the first month. This is what transcribed after I chatted with a rep- they even confirmed that it is the TMobile Official Policy to NOT refund unless you contact them. Unbelievable. In the end, they did credit the money back, and hence I gave them the 2 out of 5 rating.

    Josielou B: Hi TM! Welcome to T-Mobile! Pleased to meet you online. How are you today?

    Josielou B: No worries, I am more than happy to provide you the information regarding your concern regarding the refund for your returned device.

    You: Also for some reason the EIP still shows on my account page like it is still active

    Josielou B: I see what you mean and thank you for walking me through these information.

    Josielou B: I see that you have 2 active lines on your account. May I know for which line is this?

    You: ***-***-****, the other one is just a tablet

    Josielou B: Perfect! Thank you for providing the requested information.

    Josielou B: May I know if you returned your iPhone 6 order?

    You: Yes- a long time ago

    You: T-Mobile Handset Order Research Request

    Handset Order Reference: 05388***

    Josielou B: Oh, I see that there was a Handset Research that was filed for this.

    Josielou B: Looking here, the shipping fee has been credited to your account.

    Josielou B: That is on 01/14/2015.

    Josielou B: The amount is $6.99.

    You: Where can I see that info, and again when can I expect the refund for the first EIP payment which was added to my bill?

    Josielou B: I would really love to help you with this, however, the charge for the first month of the device is valid.

    You: What do you mean by that? How is it valid???

    Josielou B: Oh, I am sorry I am currently looking into this.

    Josielou B: May I confirm when the device was returned?

    You: In early December- after I requested on numerous occasions to have the order cancelled before it shipped, and it still shipped to me.

    Josielou B: Oh, I am sorry to know about that. I will see on what I can do here on my end.

    Josielou B: Please stay connected. This will be quick, I promise!

    Josielou B: I'm back! Thank you for patiently waiting.

    Josielou B: What I will do now is to reverse the charge for the returned device for the first month of the EIP.

    Josielou B: The amount is $31.25. Please allow up to 24 hours for this amount to reflect on your account.

    Josielou B: For the EIP, I understand that it still shows active on your account.

    You: Yes it does for some reason....

    Josielou B: No worries, this will be updated. and will no longer reflect on your next bill cycle.

    You: Is it T-Mobile's policy to not automatically refund the first month EIP even though it is for a refused shipment order, especially for an order that the customer tried to cancel several times before it shipped?

    Josielou B: I am sorry but yes, because we still need to wait for the device to be received at the warehouse.

    You: It was received weeks ago- so basically there is no auto-refund in place then.

    Josielou B: Yes, that is correct.

    Josielou B: Good thing you have contacted us to request for this.

    You: But if a customer was unaware of this, they would have pretty much paid the first month in return for nothing.

    Josielou B: Yes, you are correct and we really do apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

    Josielou B: I appreciate you brought this to our attention as well.

    Josielou B: I will take note of this so that we can improve our refund policy.

    Bought: Apple iPhone 6

  • Needed to waste time to contact CS in order to get money back for returned device
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    2 out of 2 people said 'YES'


    Enlightened reviewer photoPosted by Enlightened (6 years ago)

    Difference Between Prepaid and Postpaid for International Data

    I just got a big lesson in T-Mobile prepaid vs Post-Paid plans. Basically, I wanted a plan that would work overseas, specifically in Europe, to be able to have data-access (for Google Maps, Yelp, email, etc). I read how that the company has a plan called "Simple Choice" for $50 that will allow 2G unlimited data in 120 countries.

    Terrific, or so I thought. So I bought from an LG Android phone by T-Mobile. When I was about to activate online, I noticed that the listed $50 plan does not show the International benefits. So I did an online chat, and this was the transcript:

    Chris: Hello, I am a T-Mobile activation specialist. Can I help you activate your service today?

    You: I'm about to activate a phone- which plan is the one with the free international data & texting?

    Chris: Thank you for visiting T-Mobile! I'd be happy to assist you in activating your SIM card online.

    Chris: I'd be happy to help you today. To better assist you, I'd like to ask you a few questions.

    Chris: To clarify, are you referring to free data and texting when you're out of the country?

    You: Yes

    Chris: Thank you. Please be informed that Prepaid plans don't have free international data and text. The Postpaid plan however comes with the Simple Choice Goes Global feature which free unlimited text and data as well as a flat rate of $.20 for calls in selected countries.

    Chris: Would you like a Postpaid plan instead?

    You: So if I already bought the phone, it won't qualify???

    Chris: You can buy a Postpaid SIM card for the phone you already have to get the plan.

    You: So don't use the sim card that came with the phone, right?

    Chris: Yes, that's correct.

    Chris: Please copy and paste this link to your address bar to purchase a Postpaid SIM card online.

    You: Will the LG Optimus F6 Black phone I bought work with that?

    Chris: Yes, as long as the phone is from T-Mobile or is unlocked and uses a SIM card.

    You: Got it- why make it so difficult though I'd rather just activate the phone and pick the plan. They're the same price starting at $50 right?

    Chris: That's because Prepaid plans are not the same as Postpaid plans. Postpaid means that you will pay for the entire service after you have used it. For example, you will pay for the the service you've used every month on a specific day. Prepaid is also known as Pay In Advance. This means that you will pay for the entire service before using it.

    You: So the $50/a month for "pre-paid" I would pay first before using it, whereas postpaid I'd pay for it after the month?

    Chris: Yes, that's correct. Postpaid plans also require a credit check upon ordering the SIM card.

    You: Okay I guess I'll have to order a new sim card to get the international- thanks.

    Chris: Thank you very much for your patience and understanding.

    Chris: May I ask if you have other questions for me today?

    You: No- thanks for your help- I'm glad I didn't activate before talking to you.

    Chris: It's my pleasure! Thank you for your time. Please feel free to chat with us again should you have additional questions. It has been a pleasure assisting you today.

    Chris: Thank you for visiting! Have a great night!

    So basically I must go to the bring your own devices page, order a SIM and a plan together, enter the Social Security # (so they can do a credit check), to be enabled for the "Postpaid" plan. Simply buying a SIM from them will NOT work to obtain Postpaid, which is disappointing because sometimes they have a free SIM card promotion.

    I imagine some of these benefits are only for the Postpaid because you could incur extra charges which would be tacked on to your credit card, whereas in a pre-paid situation that would be more difficult for the company to do.

    The thing is, why not allow the customer, when activating a pre-paid phone online, to go ahead and get the credit check and be able to do the postpaid option at that point???

    I hope this helps anyone out there who was as confused as I was.

  • Free International Data & Text on Postpaid plan $50+
  • Cons:
  • Unable to use a store-bought T-Mobile phone for postpaid option without having to order a separate SIM card
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    2 out of 2 people said 'YES'


    Posted by Je (1 decade ago)

    Wonderful they have a great customer support center

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    2 out of 2 people said 'YES'


    Darwin reviewer photoPosted by Darwin (5 years ago)

    Takes a Long Time to Refund

    I returned a phone and it had been weeks and still no money back. I finally contacted T-Mobile and this was the chat transcript:

    When will I receive my refund for the return of order #2148***** (refused shipment 1Z3V891R03854*****)

    T-Mobile: We have received your information and will connect you with a T-Mobile Chat Specialist soon.

    Mary G: Hi Darwin, my name is Mary and I will be your specialist for today.

    Mary G: That is a good inquiry, I can definitely look for the answer about your question.

    Mary G: Since you refused the delivery, the credit will be given within 30 days once it arrived on our Warehouse.

    You: Credit? Also what about the shipping charge I paid?

    You: I cancelled the order on numerous occasions but t-mobile still shipped it to me

    Mary G: Did you expedite the shipping?

    You: No- but I did pay for shipping

    Mary G: I see that you paid for the shipping of $6.99. Once the order has been canceled, I will monitor that then will process the credit of $6.99. At this time the order status is deliverd.

    You: So how does the status become "canceled"? I mean I cancelled it so many times before it shipped, and now I refused deliver as instructed, and that you have the item, it's still not cancelled?

    Mary G: Once the order has been received by our Return Center and they verified that it was refused, they will change the status to canceled.

    Mary G: I will be the one to monitor the order and will process the credit of $6.99 for the shipping if the order has been canceled.

    You: And it could be 30 days after you received the item before that happens?

    Mary G: No, the credit for the phone will be within 30 while the return process can be less than 30 days. The credit for the phone will be given by our Return Center while the shipping credit will be processed by me.

    You: How long would it take for the return process to complete? The tracking info shows that you received the item back on December 19.

    Mary G: I will process the handset research for it and it will be processed within 12 business days. May I have your e-mail address?

    You: *****

    Mary G: Thank you.

    Mary G: Handset Research Form #0538**** has been submitted successfully.

    You: Is that to expedite the return?

    Mary G: Our Return Center will further check on the status of the order and will notify you on your e-mail address about the result.

    You: How long before I will hear from them?

    Mary G: The handset research for it and it will be processed within 12 business days.

    You: Does it usually take that long before a return is processed?

    Mary G: That is the time frame for our Research Team to check the status of the order.

    Mary G: Do you have any additional questions I can answer?

    You: So it will take more than 3 weeks after you've received the refused shipment package back to even get a status update, and then another 30 days after that to get my money back?

    Mary G: The credit for the phone will be within 30 while the return process update for the research that I submitted is 12 business days from today

    You: Okay I guess it will be lots of waiting, all for a order which I called to cancel *3* times before it shipped

    Mary G: I totally understand and I apologize for all the inconvenience this caused. I'll be documenting the account regarding the issue so you will not repeat yourself again to the next representative. My goal is to provide you an excellent service, do you have any other concern that I can help you with today?

    You: That is it- Merry Christmas.

    Mary G: It's my pleasure helping a valued customer like you. I am glad that I was able to assist you with your concern. Again, my name is Mary and thank you so much for your loyalty to T-Mobile. I really appreciate your business. Have a great day! Happy holidays to you and your family!

    2 weeks later, I finally got my refund, but not on the shipping yet. So I had to start up another chat to get that taken care of. Supposedly it would be done in a week. What a pain.

  • Takes forever to get $ back
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    1 person said 'YES'


    David reviewer photoPosted by David (6 years ago)

    Unlocking Phone via Chat

    The process was fairly simple. First, of course, you need to make sure that you qualify. For me, I am on a post-paid plan, and the T-Mobile phone I bought has been on the plan for over 40 days.

    BTW I was on the Simple Choice Plan and recently switched to $40 Unlimited Talk & Text with Data. That was a very easy option to do myself online.

    Anyways, to submit the request for unlock, I started up a chat session, and this was the transcript:

    Arianne S: Hi, David!

    You: Hi- how can I get an unlock code for my phone?

    Arianne S: I understand the you need an unlock code for your device and I will be more than glad to help you out today! To make sure that we're on the same page, are you asking for a PIN, PUK code or unlock code to use a non-T-Mobile SIM card on the phone?

    You: Trying to unlock the phone so I can use it with another company if needed.

    Arianne S: Thanks for confirming. I will be more than glad to process your unlock request! May I please have the phone's IMEI number? You can find it by dialing *#06# and pressing Send.

    You: 013658-00-********

    Arianne S: Thank you! May I have also your e-mail address and your preferred callback number into where we can reach you in case our Device Unlock Team needs to provide you with certain updates regarding the request status whether it is completed, denied or delayed, David?

    You: ****, ***-***-****

    Arianne S: Perfect! This is for your LG Optimus F6, correct?

    You: Yes

    Arianne S: May I know where did you purchase the device?

    You: Online at

    Arianne S: Got it. Please stay connected, David.

    Arianne S: Please be advised that the code will be provided to you within 2 business days or we will notify you why it is taking longer to obtain. We do our best to get the unlock codes from the manufacturer on your behalf, but unlock codes are not always available for all devices.

    Arianne S: Once we have completed your request, our Device Unlock Team will be sending you the code via e-mail along with the instructions on how to unlock your phone. We will be saving a copy of the code and the steps on your account just in case you need assistance in regards to it, David.

    Arianne S: Moreover, please be aware that emails might be blocked, kindly allow emails from:

    •Email: do not [email protected]

    •First name: ARSystem

    •Last name: Notify

    Arianne S: For your reference, please take note of your unlock request reference number: #7391****

    Arianne S: Was I able to address all of your concerns for today, David?

    You: Yes- thanks for your help.

    Arianne S: You're welcome! Thank you for contacting T-Mobile Live Chat! We value your business. Once again my name is Arianne. Have a good one!

    Bought: Simple Choice Plan: Unlimited Talk + Text, LG Optimus F6 Black

  • Fairly painless unlocking process
  • Cons:
  • You don't get the code right away
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    1 person said 'YES'


    C. Brown reviewer photoPosted by C. Brown (2 years ago)

    Beware attempted fraud

    I switched carriers from T-Mobile to Verizon on November 13th of this year. On the 14th my cell number was ported over to Verizon. I then received a new bill from T-Mobile stating that I owed them a final payment for a full billing cycle. When I called to clarify, support told me that my number was ported on the 25th, the 1st day of the new cycle. This seems intentional! Unbelievable! Anyone interested in a class action law suit?

  • Good coverage.

  • Customer Contacted T Mobile Via:
    (888) 310-8471

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    This link just takes you to the free phones page at t-mobile. Sad, I was psyched about a $99 Samsung Galaxy S II...

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