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Smoke Free Online Review + Feedback & Discussion

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Posted by Prima Donna (8 years ago)

Smoke Free Online

I agree with N Dalske! There e-cig, cartomizers and e-liquid is way too expensive for what it's worth. I spend more money on e-liquid and cartomizers than I did real cigarettes. Each pack of cartomizers is supposed to last up to 2 cartons of cigarettes and they don't even last a full week. RIP OFF!

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It's worth your lungs to stop regular cigarettes to increase your health.
I agree ,I get a box plus 4 extra, that's a total of 14 boxes of cartomizers 5 in each box. I go through all .14 boxes in one month. I'm on automatic delivery each month. For the price I guess I'm smoking about 14 packs a month of smokes. Some of these don't even work either. But can't return them because they were opened. So if u want to smoke,I do say smoke free is better than cigarettes but cost just as much. My lungs are 75% better since using smoke free. I have COPD and my lung doctor is pleased with me.

4 out of 4 people said 'YES'


Posted by N Dalske (9 years ago)

Order #100003321

Frederick, Maryland

Calling what Smoke Free Online does over priced entrapment, is not descriptive enough for what this company does to unsuspecting customers. They sell their product in ghettos targeting the people with the least money.

Say you want to buy a type 150 electronic cigarette? You can pick these up for around $35 Smoke Free Online charges $55. How about a blank Atomizer? You can pick them up for around $7.50... Yes $7.50 take a guess at what Smoke Free Online prices their Atomizers at? Yup $55!! These are only a few examples of how horrible this company really is. To make it even better they have a NO RETURN POLICY!! Yes that is correct so if you do have the misfortune of assuming that these prices are standard you have no recourse.

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I have never had any problems with returns from smoke free.

5 out of 7 people said 'YES'


TJ reviewer photoPosted by TJ (7 years ago)

Smoke Free Online

I completely agree with the one star comments... this product is WAAAAAY overpriced for the so called advertised quality. They buy blanks from online then slip their name on the batteries. Total crap. I'm sure the positive reviews are from the owner and manager that is trying desperately to get his little ghetto business off the ground. It's also pretty obvious that they have a HUGE margin. One peddler tried selling me a kit for $95 and said that she couldn't budge on the price.. that the price is rock bottom (yeah right). At the other kiosk in the very same mall just on the other side I was able to haggle the guy down to $45. Even at that price I'm no idiot, they are still making a decent profit... At least $45 is almost fair for this piece of junk product..(not really actually.) I went back and showed the receipt to the chick that tried swindling me outta $95... her face turned beat red while I showed the receipt to other prospects telling them straight up to go to the other guy and buy for $45... too funny. Yet even at this price it's just not worth it. Only one good thing I can say is that when the battery failed the guy just exchanged it for me.. but on the flip side... I had to exchange it 3 frickin times cuz the batteries completely crapped out... I DO NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE BUY THIS CRAPPY PRODUCT.. Look elsewhere.

Bought: Duet Gold (single battery)

Order Date: 2013-01-16

Date Received: 2013-01-16

  • Good throat hit (when it works)
  • Decent flavors (when the cartomizer isn't a dud - 25% of the cartomizers were complete duds.)
  • Cons:
  • Many more cons than what this product is worth
  • Lousy batteries that die all the time (went through 3)
  • Had many cartomizers that were complete duds (they don't exchange faulty ones either)
  • Made in china charger that melted
  • Total false advertising on the quality of this product
  • ..and of course the RIDICULOUS PRICE that the peddlers try to get you with.
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    2 out of 2 people said 'YES'


    Posted by M. PRUITT (6 years ago)


    Again and again, iíve telephoned the customer serv and or sales reps, and find no one really knows whatís going on in their operation. I placed an order with them after i left them over 18 months ago, due to excessive pricing of cartomizers. I was visiting christiana mallís kiosk regularly and have had so many problems with duds. Last few weeks ago, went to the kiosk, got what i was told was the new packaging for the regular med. Tobacco. Drove all the way home and realized after opening them, and tasting them it was a different product all together. I returned immediately to the kiosk, and the sales rep. Stated, that; she could not refund my money. As i explained to her this is not a product i would ever purch., let alone smoke them period. After a very long drawn out battle, they advised me they were independent with smo0kefreeonline, and have changed their product line, but will still sell the ďsmokefreeĒ cartomizers, until they run out. So, all i could do is accept reg. !

    Lows, because thatís all they had left in the smokefree product. After i returned home i called smokefreeonline and they took my order june 10, 2014, and confirmed that the christiana mall location is not operated by them any more. Now as of today (06/25/14) i still am with out any product, because frankly, they stated they were waiting for back-orders, they have e-mailed me several tracking numberís and after attempting to go onto the shipperís website and including me calling the shipperís directly, they advised the tracking #ís were not authentic, and in fact the one tracking number was for a completely different person in new jersey, but iím in delaware. I re-telephoned them again, and now iím going through the same problem all over again. I was told today that i will need to wait for 24 to 48 hours for my product to be delivered. I asked the sale rep.

    What happened to smokefreeonline overnight it, she stated her supervisor said no. When originally, they said since iíve been waiting this long they would in fact overnight them, but they now choose not to. Now back on reg. cigs, can get them anywhere without feeling that iím a problem instead of a customer/consumer. I hope they come because i want to not have to smoke real cigs. At this point, i feel ripped off, not appreciated as a loyal 2 ½ year customer. The staff at smokefreeonline passes the buck from one to the other to keep your money while they have the product, but are just making up bogus stories evry single day i call them. And when i do call the phone rings and if your on their line waiting expect a total and complete ride ďhang-upĒ. After voicing my concerns regarding contacting them, their reply was, the system acting up? But the also stated absolutely no one at all whatsoever has complained about long waiting periods or hang up. We i and the st!

    Aff at smokefreeonline are truly living in different worlds. I would not recommend this company their ethics are incredibly horrifying, and has made me totaled max-ed out with undue stress, all because they really donít care about their customers nor their business. I would never ever treat any one like the manner in which iíve been treated in. Bad business make your purchase and only hope that the products even is shipped or delivered or even the correct product. What a real pain. The owners do not seem to care except when it comes to you paying them, then your on your own.


    Order Date: 2014-06-10

  • Cons:
  • Bad customers service and poor inventory
  • inherent problems with their shippers

  • Customer Contacted Smoke Free Online Via:
    (800) 653-8594 x710
    [email protected]

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    1 out of 2 people said 'YES'


    Posted by Philadelphia, PA (9 years ago)

    Smoke Free Online

    I bought the cigs at a kiosk because I like to buy in person rather than online.

    The product has totally quashed my desire to smoke and I'm a 25 year smoker. I'm on my way to being healthier and recommend the product to those who would like to reduce or eliminate cigarettes.

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    3 out of 6 people said 'YES'


    Posted by Layla Rose Snowbrook (5 years ago)

    Run away from this rip off company now!!!!!!!!!!!

    RUN don't walk away from this bogus freak show company! The customer service, HA HA, what a freaking joke. Tina will NEVER return emails or phone calls. They promise the world and deliver nothing. Do anything you can but buy anything from these people. It is a total waste of time, money, and more importantly your sanity! The stress they make you deal with to get your product and/or refund is so infuriating. This company is going bankrupt anyway. Good riddance. I hope they all get what they deserve!

  • NONE
  • Cons:
  • Poor quality
  • poor customer service
  • no communication

  • Customer Contacted Smoke Free Online Via:
    [email protected]

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    Tina is also my customer representative. She has always been my best customer service representative. Has always returned call & emails. I don't know how you have that problem, unless you are calling on the weekends or after hours. But Tina has always been very pleasant and helpful to me.

    3 out of 4 people said 'NO'


    Posted by kenneth (8 years ago)

    smokefree online

    I have been with smokefree for 1 year now. The product is outstanding, and customer service has been nothing but excellent !! As long as they keep putting out a good product, and customer service maintains its level of excellence, i'm a loyal customer.

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    6 out of 6 people said 'NO'


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