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Simon Says Stamp Review + Feedback & Discussion

Simon Says StampYou can write a review for Simon Says Stamp and also view its ratings and comments posted by others. has a Vera Bradley Sale going on..

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User-Submitted Reviews of Simon Says Stamp & Testimonials

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Posted by Cindy Coutts (5 years ago)

False Accusation, Unethical Business Practices

I was accused of making a statement against an illustrator for SSS. I was in the hospital having surgery and was actually under anesthesia on the date and time comment was made. A customer service rep wrote me upset that I apparently wasn't happy enough for them being mentioned in People Magazine on the coattails of Tim Holtz. The exact comment was "It doesn't sound like you are happy for us." Another comment was made that I should take my business elsewhere. I've investment in this business during the kitchen table days. I even had my MD fax a letter to these people. I had invested in SSS brand name product and worked with it and had 41 cards accepted for publication internationally the first quarter of 2015. I had to pull those cards today from 7 magazines that SSS has never been published in. I contacted Heidi about this and she refuses to frankly grow up and communicate. She would rather lose exposure than be a professional. I have been trying to deal with Heidi for 5 months asking for an RMA on SSS brand that I have not opened and wish to return it. Heidi refuses to answer one single email and I'm stuck with thousands of dollars of product that I will never use. I do not appreciate this type of unethical behavior that is akin to a toddler throwing a tantrum, extremely unprofessional, and borderline narcissistic. Since she refuses to answer any type of communication, including ignoring correspondence from my business attorney, I'm backed into a corner and have no choice but to take Heidi to court over this matter. I am absolutely tired of Heidi's immaturity and have continued to promote a positive business relationship, but she wants nothing to do with it and would rather be spiteful and arrogant. My costs are going to be significant pursuing justice, but I am standing on my principal in that I will not be abused in this manner.

SSS may be popular and have fabulous designers, but that does not give her the right to treat any customer the way that I've been treated and many others, although they have not spoken out of fear that they might be asked to design for other stamp companies, etc. I am going to stand up for what I believe in and the other "little people/groupies" who think a 10% discount is generous just for a chance to be noticed and become a designer. I do not have that desire was I have my own thing going on.

There have been other instances when my ink blending tool was defective to the point Mr. Holtz even said something about it and the Ranger Spinner had a change of specs when I needed to add more racks to my current spinner and they would not fit, so I am stuck with that as well.

This is wrong and I won't tolerate it. Buyer beware. I am owed an apology and a full refund, which is impossible since Heidi refuses to communicate and would rather rip off her customers and blow international magazine exposure. That is obviously not clear thinking.

It's sad that I've been banned from her store like a child because I really do love their brand name product or else I wouldn't have used it so much to the point of having 41 cards and projects being chosen for publication.

Heidi's refusal to act professionally makes this situation extremely difficult and it's disheartening that she chooses not to peacefully resolve this issue.

Bought: Simon Say Stamp Brand Products of ink, paper, stamps and die-cuts.

Order Date: 2014-05-01

Date Received: 2014-05-15

  • I will not give this company any pros at this time.
  • Cons:
  • Unethical owner
  • terrible business practice
  • false accusations
  • uncommunicative
  • completely unprofessional

  • Customer Contacted Simon Says Stamp Via:
    [email protected]

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    11 out of 12 people said 'YES'


    Posted by Stephanie (6 years ago)

    Horrible Delivery Times

    This store has a lot of great items, and the prices are OK -- however, their delivery times are atrocious! I have now been waiting OVER a month on supplies. When i emailed them 5 days ago, they said my order would be shipped in 2 days -- FIVE days later, it is still in processing status. There are too many scrapbook supply stores that want my business -- I will be taking it elsewhere.

    Bought: order # 161416

    Order Date: 2013-09-13

  • Great variety of products
  • Cons:
  • Extremely poor turnaround on shipping of items
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    9 out of 9 people said 'YES'


    Posted by Rhoni (7 years ago)

    no response

    they have a large selection of supplies and their prices are great however they fall down on service, on their site they do not have a address, other then Ohio, one phone number that goes to Tiffany's voice mail. I (might) have two packages shipping, but second tracking # incomplete. There is no explanation on their site as to how many days before an order is shipped, not a lot of explanation on anything other than return policy. Shipping through USPS only, and I live out in the country and have to be able to know when a package is to arrive to meet the delivery. Not real happy with service as to date, this is my fisrt order and might be my last!!!

  • prices
  • selection
  • free shipping
  • Cons:
  • lack of customer service
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    after the first order I decided to give SSS one more try, I have placed two more orders. The second order arrived with out delay; 7 days. My third and "last" order; I am still waiting on. Ordered on April 3, shipped on the 9th, picked-up by USPS on the 10th; and that is the last movement on USPS web site, today is the 15th. Guessing I should have bought the insurance shipping that I have never seen a box for on their web. If I ever get my order I will be done with them. Totally dissatisfied, truthfully done right pissed off.

    9 out of 9 people said 'YES'


    Posted by Unsatisfied Customer (6 years ago)

    Terrible Service.

    After placing my order I waited 2 weeks to see if anything would come just out of precaution its been 4 week and still nothing, the package was apparently delivered but I received nothing and after checking with neighbors no one had accidentally received anything on my behalf. Now trying to fix this error with the company and there "NOT RESPONSIBLE" okay I understand that in your find print but wow is this how you run a business? Absolutely disgusted by the way they go about things. Not only did I try to invest into buying products off this site but Never again I can guarantee I will let everyone know that this site is not WORTH the time and money. Terrible Service. Money Wasted!!

    Order Date: 2014-03-14

  • Did not received package
    was not provided with a tacking number
    Customer service was no help
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    8 out of 8 people said 'YES'


    Posted by amy (7 years ago)

    bad, bad, bad

    As the other reviewer said they have a great website and a lot of items, but I placed an order 11 days ago and it was just shipped out today, so I expect another 4 days in delivery. That is 2 full weeks....I tried to email Tiffany, who said oh we short staffed...... they could care less, after looking at the return policy all I can say is you best make sure you know what you want and do not expect it anytime soon. Buyer beware all over this. So not a fan, will shop create for less,.......thanks anyway.

  • Great website
  • lots of products
  • Cons:
  • Will take you two weeks to get anything
  • don't expect to return it
  • and horrible customer service.
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    6 out of 6 people said 'YES'


    Posted by Penny (5 years ago)

    Horrible customer service

    Shipping is very slow but I didn't mind. But when my tracking number showed that my recent order was being delivered to another post office 60 miles away, I called SSS to see why. Tiffany was of no help, just wait was her answer. I sent emails to SSS when I saw that my order was going back to them. Tiffany said she would let me know when it arrived back to them. Of course, she didn't. I had to email again, and then she said it was back to them and if I still wanted it, I had to pay shipping charges again. Then Tiffany said it's not their responsibility if it's lost or damaged. Well in my mind it wasn't lost or damaged. I kept telling them where it was. After more phone calls, she said they would split the postage! $3.00 apiece!! I was very upset that this is the way they deal with a long time customer. Finally, after I said I would take my business elsewhere, did she offer to speak to her manager. Did finally get it shipped free but it was a huge hassle with me having to do all the followup. Always dealt with the same person, and found them useless working in customer service. She was usually prompt in getting back to me, but I always had to do the followup because if not I wouldn't hear from them

    Bought: Pens

    Order Date: 2015-01-20

    Date Received: 2015-02-23

  • Great selections
  • good prices
  • and good packaging.
  • Cons:
  • Terrible customer service!
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    4 out of 4 people said 'YES'


    Laurence reviewer photoPosted by Laurence (3 years ago)

    Awesome products and CS

    I'm a crafter, stamped, I make cards and I volunteer as an art therapy te her at my local domestic abuse shelter and I have been ordering from SSS and it doesn't take long and I'm in Canada. Plus the shipping is the cheapest I have seen in the crafting industry to Canada and Samantha and Tiffany are always answering my questions before and after ordering. I Highly recommend this company.

    Ms Laurence T

    Bought: Ranger die ink set of 12 colours
    SSS basic stripes stamp set
    Ranger perfect pearl metallic set

    And 12 other items during the 25% sale on ranger.

  • Fast shipping especially during a huge sale
    Packaged very well
  • every item that could have spilled was wrapped in separate bags in the box. Everything was perfect. Everything I had ordered.
  • Cons:
  • Well
  • it's nor a cons nor a pros but some of SSS stamp sets are very hard to get. They come back in stock and in a matter of minute are gone. But that's because of the quality of these products.

  • Customer Contacted Simon Says Stamp Via:
    [email protected]

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    2 out of 2 people said 'NO'

    Canada flag   Review came from Canada.

    Posted by Jacque (10 years ago)

    I Love Simon Says Stamp's free shipping for orders over $60. I bought my glue, flock, glitter,Martha Stewart punch, cardstock AND stamps all in one place too. Sure beats driving all the way to town! Great service too

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    16 out of 17 people said 'NO'


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