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Posted by Jody (1 decade ago)

I placed an order with Limited Too, was double charged and never received my package, in addition I was given a package tracking number that was invalid. I spent hours on the phone with them, only to be told to take it to my bank. As for the package, the tracking number they gave me said fedex, but they told me to call my post office... doesn't make sense, my post office didn't have a record either of the tracking number. Next, I spent hours trying to get the double charges off my account with no help from them. Their customer service personnel was nice but just kept reading from a script giving me no assistance for my problem. I will never purchase from them again online, as this was ridiculous and wasted my entire day to straighten out! Still with no package and no settlement yet.

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Posted by tenminutes (8 years ago)

Store Credit

My daughter is 6, and I had bought her a few things to set aside for the upcoming school year. Well, she happened to grow out of them and I took a few items back to the store to see if I could exchange them. It was past the 90 days but they took them back as stated on the back of the receipt, and I received a "store credit". They didn't bother to tell me that a little blue piece of paper NOT stapled to the original AND return receipts (that WERE stapled together) was my PROOF of store credit. Now what kind of sense does that make? Why wouldn't they have stapled it to the return receipt, why wouldn't they have mentioned that? I'm happy they have a lenient return policy but now I am out the $40 in store credit - should have just held on to the clothes for my youngest daughter! I think this is a very sneaky way for them to make some extra money, I mean what kind of pre-teen girl can keep track of a little scratch piece of paper, not many, I'm sure there has been many people who have lost money with this company. It is EXPENSIVE to shop there anyways for the quality of clothing received. I think if they are going to offer store credits they need to put it on a gift card - LIKE EVERYWHERE ELSE DOES. Crooked, if you ask me.

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Posted by Clara (5 years ago)

THEY canceled my order but didn't tell me

17-days after placing my order, receiving my confirmation and a few of my items, I chased the remaining items. Customer Service automated phoneline was "too busy" and hung-up my call. Email single line response was that they've canceled the remaining order because they're not in stock. THEY WERE 2-WEEKS AGO !! So you've sold my order to others and decided to wait until I chased to tell me? Merry Christmas Awful service.

Order Date: 2014-12-01

  • Some items arrived
  • Cons:
  • Not told when they decide to NOT DELIVER or cancel items

  • Customer Contacted Via:
    (866) 246-5822
    [email protected]

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    Posted by ashley (9 years ago)

    um..i have some problems with m daughters computer ,she claims that justice is making a discount she right?

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