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Posted by David Cable (5 years ago)

Select Foam

I have been dealing with this "company" since September 9th when I in good faith placed an order for a mattress, foundation and two pillows. The website stated that my order would be shipped within three days of receiving payment, Needless to say that didn't happen, the mattress finally arrived on October 6th as a result of daily phone calls I'm sure. Please note the foundation did not arrive nor did the pillows. Two weeks later we finally received the foundation, again, due to my daily calls I'm sure. The pillows have yet to show up, we did receive one from another company that was not even close to the description of the one we ordered and paid for with Select Foam. After speaking with the "owner" Matt he informed me that the pillows we ordered were on permanent back order, this after I had been told they had been shipped on numerous occasions. He also stated that if we weren't satisfied with the pillow to let him know before he shipped the second one. I informed him that we weren't satisfied and that it was too firm for our taste. I then informed him that I would like the money we paid for the pillows refunded so we could just be done with this nightmare. As of today Matt states that the pillow that he took upon himself to mail us can not be returned and he would work on getting us a refund for the one pillow that is still missing in action.. I let Matt know that because we didn't order this pillow and that he took it upon himself that I would like a refund for both pillows and asked him to please provide a shipping label for the unwanted pillow to be shipped back. Let me just say the quality of the mattress is excellent, however the so called customer service provided by this company is a joke at best. I've called and spoken to the "owners" or another "representative" almost daily. I have been lied to almost daily. I was told the mattress, foundation, and the pillows had been shipped when in truth they had not been. The excuses have ranged from having a lot of rain in Florida which causes humidity and they don't have climate control in the manufacturing facilities to the manufacturer of the cooling gel had shipped unacceptable materials. We were also told that there is no system in place to track an order within the company until the order has shipped. I have been told that the pillows had shipped and to call back the next day for the tracking number only to be told they were on permanent back order and that they had been for months. I understand issues can arise for businesses and I would be more understanding if they had just been honest from the start, but if Select Foams policy is to lie to customers instead of just being honest, may I suggest that they have a staff meeting in the mornings to get their daily lie straight. It is extremely frustrating to be told two totally different stories on the same day. As previously stated the mattress is excellent quality but at this point I would not recommend this company. I would greatly appreciate any assistance you may be able to provide.

Bought: Mattress, foundation, and pillows

Order Date: 2015-09-09

  • Excellent mattress
  • Cons:
  • Customer service
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    Posted by Patrick M (10 years ago)

    I bought the Select Foam Regalis mattress for the my parents' wedding anniversary. They said it looks great and the love the more shut-eye theyre getting

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    3 out of 4 people said 'NO'


    Posted by Eric (10 years ago)

    I bought the Regalis mattress from Select Foam and love it, its a bit heavy to get into the house and get unpacked, but I called a friend who helped me with it. The mattress arrived right away and is awesome, we really love it.

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    4 out of 5 people said 'NO'


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