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Rockwell Trading Review + Feedback & Discussion

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User-Submitted Reviews of Rockwell Trading & Testimonials

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Posted by Norm (9 years ago)

The Rockwell Team has been such an asset to me in my quest to become a successful trader. Their commitment to my success is such an encouragement to me.

I still have much to learn, but their ongoing education is a big help.

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10 out of 11 people said 'NO'


Posted by Randyk (10 years ago)

I have had a wonderful experience with Rockwell great training at a great price. I would recommend them to anyone who needs help and direction with futures trading.

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11 out of 11 people said 'NO'


Posted by Billy (1 decade ago)

J, I have great experiences dealing with Rockwell and I want to thank the entire team for what continues to be the best support within the trading education industry. The real life advice and strategies has provided all their students the ability to make money instead of losing it in the market. While as students we also love the personal moments like when Markus extended his chat room allowing recovery of incurred losses, Rollie sharing of personal insight with the newer trades on lessons learned, Mark who schedule is packed but has always taken the time to answer in details my dumbest questions and Mandy is surely the goodness of Rockwell friendly customer services. Not to forget Brian and now David conservative tutoring of the simple trading strategy entries/exits instead of allowing a shoot out approach.

I bought Markus's excellent book last year and continues to carry his e-copy when traveling on my laptop. I still learn something new each time I read it, or while browsing the website forum and always enjoy the blogs. Rockwell Trading has a genuine interest in helping student tackle the trading maze as a marathon instead of just offering a course like their peers.

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Sorry that 1+ is mine, it should be -1 but I moved mouse a little bit unfortunately
10 out of 13 people said 'NO'


Posted by KEM (1 decade ago)

I really like Brian's trading room and him as a moderator.

I've been a stock daytrader for 15+ years and wanted to try futures to build my account back up after the IRS grabbed a bunch of it last year. I have stayed away from futures all this time because the leverage scares me. However, using Rockwell's strategy takes away the decision making process for the most part and that makes me a lot more comfortable. I also think that Brian is a perfect moderator for the room. He is very calm and unflappable and I like that. Trading is a business, not a football game, and Brian is just great. The strategy can be wild and wooly, I see that, and I think the biggest challenge is keeping your emotional level stable during the ups and downs. Clearly over time it returns very well.

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4 out of 7 people said 'NO'


Posted by Chris L (1 decade ago)

I´m very happy with the service. I find the trading rooms extremly usefull and I have concentrated on the first one using the BB bands and MACD with very good results.

The customer service is incredible. After signing for the free trial I was called long distance outside the US by two coaches to introduce themselves and made themselves available for any help. I have also been able to contact them via chat thru skype and all my questions have been answer. I highly recommend their daily trading rooms.

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7 out of 8 people said 'NO'

Guatemala flag   Review came from Guatemala.

Posted by J Meigs (1 decade ago)

I tried a $1 trial of this outfit (What can you lose?) and was unable to even view the material and was then charged $97 for absolutely nothing! The CEO said he'd refund that charge if I thought this is a scam and I was a dissatisfied customer. So far that has not happened, so not only is this a scam but he is also a liar! Be very aware of this thief!

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