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Posted by Tiffany (1 decade ago)

I purchased a pair of shoe at this store and found the same shoes for a cheaper price. When I went in to return the shoes I was told that they do not do cash or credit refunds and they pointed out a sign that was so far away from the cash register and that was small that no one could tell that they had any sort of policy. When I told them about the sign not being visible, the clerk and manager were rude and told me this has always been a policy. I told them that I was a first time buyer and that I was unaware of this policy. There were unwilling to help and rude and dismissed me as if I did not matter now that they had my money. I do not recommend this store for anyone to shop at.

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Posted by Flint Orozco (1 decade ago)

Robert Wayne Footware sucks!!! they do not have a refund policy and their products are overpriced!! buyer beware! DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT GO AND BUY AT THEIR STORE!! I will never recommend this store at all!! rude staff and expensive products.. you are better off shopping at other shoe stores..

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Posted by Brennen (1 decade ago)

I paid for a pair of shoes that I was told would arrive in 10 days. It is now one month later and I was told twice that they received my shoes but they had misplaced them and now they say they can't get me the shoes THAT I PAID FOR A MONTH AGO!!!!!! Horrible business with an answering machine as their customer service center.

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Posted by Dominic Francis (9 months ago)

I don’t understand it !

I ordered a pair of all white sneakers from them through amazon. They arrived in 2 days and are now go to dress sneaker! I nearly bought one from mr undandy for $171 which on the web look identical. I paid $50

So could you all stop hating on them.

Kind regards,


Bought: White sneakers

Order Date: 2019-05-30

Date Received: 2019-06-04

  • All good! As described
  • quality leatherand arrived in 2 days!
  • Cons:
  • No cons why would you buy the exact same shoe from mr undandy fofor $171 when I bought mine for $50

  • Customer Contacted Robert Wayne Via:
    [email protected]

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    Posted by Helen (5 years ago)

    Horrible experience

    I bought a pair of shoes in June 2015 at store #41 at bell is fair mall at Bellingham mall in Washington state. I asked the salesperson if I can return the shoes. She told me I can. I went to return in a week. It's brand new and I don't wear it. The salesperson named James R told me I can't return for money , only for in store credit. I told him the sales lady her name is Rachel c told me I can return. He said no. I was so upset. After that I tried hard to find something I like but I couldn't. The shoes are all overpriced. Finally on November 27 2015 i went to the store again try to find something so that I can use my credit. But they don't have my size, they don't have anything I like, but I don't want to waist my credit of 54 US dollar. So I picked a pair of shoes that I don't even like that much only to use the credit. The shoes cost me 43.47 dollar so I still have 10.87 U.S. Dollar credit with the store. I explained my situation with the store manager Leonardo I, and I asked him if he can give me back my ten dollar credit, I even begged him. He refused and he called security from the mall to try to force me out of the store. I finally took the shoes I don't like and left. They still have my ten dollar and 87 cents credit which I might not be able to recover. And I experienced insult and mental distress.. The worst shopping experience in my life. I don't recommend this store to anyone!!! My order# is 706420400382 receip#159992

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