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Posted by MD (1 decade ago)

I am unhappy with their customer service. I got a bunch of lip service and passing the buck with a problem order. It took a week and a half for someone to give me something other than lipservice, blame assignment, policy and platitudes. And that is because i kept calling and emailing. Shouldn't have to go to this amount of grief. Especially when you are forking over $500+. Buyer beware, "curbside" means "dumping it off--you are on your own trying to get it through the door"! It also means that "reclinersplus washes our hands of you", if your freight is damaged before it makes in the door. That is what happened to me--the driver removed it from the box (who knew?) and it still would get through my patio door to my house, so he forced it on its side and tore the fabric on the armrest. Sadder but wiser i guess. They know how to protect their interests to the point of it never being their fault. They, as they say are a "service". But don't expect customer service to be in their vocabulary. Never again!

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