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Posted by Jun (8 years ago)

Real Subliminal and Brainwave Entertainment

Two or three days ago I purchased the voice training programs from Real Subliminal and Brainwave Entertainment to improve my singing due to having friends that are really into karaoke. While I know that it's too soon to see dramatic results, I have thus far been impressed.

Here are the features:

Brainwave Entertainment:

1 Track Approximately 10 Minutes

Real Subliminal

4 Tracks Each About 10 Minutes

The sound tacks for both companies are quite good. They are not obnoxious, nor is there any spoken word in the foreground. They are just nature sounds with the exception of one silent track that comes with the Real Subliminal package. This makes them easy to listen to while doing other things.

Although these programs work best when you listen to them in headphones, thus far I've just let them run in the background while I am at home and while I sleep. I am quite surprised to find that I already see a difference in my thinking. Since starting the programs in a 5 track looping playlist all of my dreams have been connected to music in some way, and I've felt the urge to sing upon waking up in the morning which is not my usual pattern.

I haven't been out with my karaoke friends yet to say whether or not there's been any improvement in terms of my actual singing ability, however I can say that I believe -something- is happening which is proof enough for me that these companies are not just selling empty sound tracks.

I am giving a rating of 4 out of five instead of 5 out of five because of the basic nature of the product. It will be wonderful for people who are open to it and listen regularly, but I suspect that it would be less useful for skeptics as they are actively resting improvement in whatever they are trying to accomplish with their state of mind.

  • Good sound track that can be listened to anywhere (it doesn't feel weird to have playing as background noise in the house)
  • not a guided meditation or hypnosis program being marketed as subliminal (no spoken words in the foreground)
  • effective
  • helps you recall and apply what you already know how to do but tend to forget
  • Cons:
  • May be less useful to skeptics since they are consciously resisting the effects of the program
  • may require some conscious study depending on the program eg. learning languages
  • skills
  • etc. (Subliminal are not tutors and won't teach you how to do something. They will just help you remember how to do something better. Many people seem to think that they can listen to these programs and learn how to speak Japanese or become an expert violinist without ever picking up a Japanese book or receiving instruction)
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    14 out of 15 people said 'YES'

    Korea Republic of flag   Review came from Korea Republic of.

    Posted by Laura (7 years ago)

    Attract Money

    I used the Attract Money a few weeks ago. The very first time using it I woke up refreshed with the thought "I am going to attract money". I kept using it and it worked. I got a gift of money out of the blue for $100. I have positive thought about money and so far it seems to find me in little unexpected ways.

    Bought: Real Subliminal- Attract money in abundance - MP3

    Order Date: 2013-07-27

    Date Received: 2013-07-28

  • Relaxing
    Worked for me
  • Cons:
  • Had to download on computer I stead of my iPad
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    Posted by Unhappy Customer (3 years ago)

    Dishonest Company

    I purchased a cd from real subliminal and later discovered that they tried to add an extra and separate charge. I contacted them and told them that I was not happy with there attempt to get extra money, hoping I would not notice. I asked for a refund for the cd I just purchased and for the previous purchases I have made, do to the fact that they breached the trust that I put into there company. They refunded me for the one cd but they have ignored me in concerns to the other cd's all together. They give a lifetime 100% money back guaranty. But at this point they are being fraudulent in there claims and I would not trust there product because they do not back there products when someone wants there money back. If you have purchased from real subliminal go back threw your bank records and make sure that they did not add a small separate extra charge. This type of charge is a scam that we have been warned about.

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    2 out of 3 people said 'NO'

    Canada flag   Review came from Canada.

    Posted by Ben (9 years ago)

    I am a very sceptical person. I tried the real subliminal "don't worry" cd. It worked so well. I could not believe it. I used to wake up very worried while I made a dash for My anti anxiety meds. Now I wake up calm, and relaxed like I've never felt before. My one experience with this product has been extemely beneficial. I love it.

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    27 out of 51 people said 'NO'


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