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Jason C. reviewer photoPosted by Jason C. (6 years ago)

Avoid at all costs! Shady business practices!

Had a fairly major ($300.00+) issue with R/C Planet this past week. My first order with the company consisted of an HPI Savage Flux HP, a DuraTrax 245 Dual Charger, and two Venom 3S LiPo batteries. Order totaled over $900.00. Order was shipped quickly and received with three or four days at most. Upon opening the box I noticed the box was a re-used box they had gotten an order in from RedCat Racing. This in itself is a sign of an unprofessional business, however things went from weird to really bad quickly. The only item in the box was the Savage Flux HP. There were no batteries or charger located in the box. The packing slip indicated they were supposed to be in the box, however I assumed the charger and batteries would arrive in a separate box as the original box didn’t have room for any other items (maybe the batteries, but definitely not the charger). I contacted their customer service department and spoke with Corey who said he would like me to send him pictures of the original packing and he would look into the matter. I immediately sent pictures to [email protected] and got a quick reply stating they received the pictures and would investigate the matter further. Several hours later I contacted Corey and was told his manager was still investigating the matter and I would hear back shortly. After closing time, I received an e-mail from Todd W. who is apparently the “Returns Manager, Sales & Tech Support…”. This e-mail stated that they reviewed the scanned pick sheet and it stated that all items were indeed in the original box and they “reweighed the package” and compared it to what FedEx had on record and both matched. He also said he spoke with the Warehouse manager who said the items were located in the original package as well. He then said there was nothing they could do for me and they would no longer help me on this matter.

There was definitely no charger or batteries in the original box. I contacted the BBB to file a complaint and put complaint in with PayPal who I used to pay for the order. I sent Todd W. a response e-mail explaining what I had done and asking for their measurements to compare with the measurements and weights I gathered from the packaging. I will also be contacting FedEx to get the weights they claimed the package weighed to match those against my own as well.

In short, they lied to me and shorted me $300.00 worth of equipment and refuse to take responsibility giving me bogus explanations. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS BUSINESS!

Bought: Savage Flux HP, DuraTrax 245 Charger, 2 Venom 3S LiPo batteries

Order Date: 2015-01-19

Date Received: 2015-01-25

  • Fast shipping
  • prices
  • Cons:
  • Poor customer service
  • shady practices
  • refuse to own up to mistakes

  • Customer Contacted RC Planet Via:
    [email protected]

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    Posted by kirk (8 years ago)

    volcano s30 nitro

    not put together good lot of cheap parts in this truck. redcat is cheaply made and i do not recommend this truck for anyone. i give this truck a bad review and suggest that anyone looking for a good nitro rc to put the money out and buy something else- the volcano is not worth the time and money.

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    Slowest shipping service ever horrible customer service ...

    Payed for express shipping via DHL @ $94 on the 6 jan , get an email telling me that the items wont be shipped until the 11th of jan UMM YEAH thats express shipping ....

    Then on the 11th of jan i get an email say sorry but if you want to ship via DHL express you have to pay an additional $115 !!!! LOL yeah no thanks so i payed $94 to ship it via USPS Express its now the 16th of jan and the tracking informs me it was only sent on the 15th which was yesterday

    Im so angry at this incompetent useless mob this is the first time ive ever bothered to spread the word ...... THEY ARE THAT BAD !! STAY AWAY SPEND YOUR MONEY ELSEWHERE YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED !!!
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    Canada flag   Review came from Canada.

    Posted by shane, carl (10 years ago)

    i think RC planet is fantastic and has great service with thousands of parts and have excellent warranties.

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