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Parallels Coupons & Promotion Codes

ParallelsCheck out the most voted plus up-to-date Parallels coupons & promotion codes enabled for the month of July 2020. You can also check out customer reviews for Parallels.

Parallels Code Input Instructions:

Select either the upgrade or full version, then add to cart. It may automatically add a $6.99 charge to allow you to be able to download your purchase for an extended amount of time. But remove it if you don't deem it necessary. Below where it recommends other titles is where you can make use of your code. After entry click the gray Apply button to activate it. Note that in most instances, the already maxed out offer (in terms of savings and no additional key needed) will not see further reduction in pricing. No sales tax is tacked on unless you are in the state of Washington, which could translate into a cost advantage vs buying non-direct.

See Screenshot on where to enter your Parallels coupon promo code printable instructions. Or view image in new window.

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Get a $5 discount off of Parallels Desktop for the Mac. You can activate the coupon by clicking through the link.
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Got Parallels Access for iPad for free instead of the $5 off for some reason. Turned out to be a better offer as we have 2 iPads in the house, though I wonder how the app under Mini Retina will look like.
The discount did not work for me, but it did give me $20 off MacKeeper once I got to cart. Since that was an app I wanted anyways, it turned out to be a nice deal, lol.
Sweet- got $10 off instead of $5 to upgrade to Parallels8. Thanks!
Saved $20 on the 2-pack through the link. Will install on our Macbook Pro 13 and iMac 27. Thanks.
Neat- I actually got $10 off through the link but for upgrading to Parallels Desktop 6 only (I run PD4 right now).

71% Success Rate
Parallels Desktop Mac
Click here

Get up to $60 in extras with your Parallels Desktop 10 order for a limited time. Detail is shown in cart.
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100% Success Rate
Parallels Desktop Mac
Click Here

How much did you save thanks to the coupons and/or promotions? - $43.84 on average according to 2 people $
What % discount off did you get vs original price? - 13% on average as indicated by 2 people %

Comments on Previous Parallels Promotions/Offers

9 years ago, Joe V. wrote:

Link worked great for the discount on Parallels Desktop v7. Bought it and downloading it as I type. Merry Christmas indeed!

9 years ago, Davis wrote:

The link worked for me for $80 off the KAV 2011 PD6 bundle. Now my brand new Macbook Air is ready to roll! :-)

9 years ago, paolo wrote:

this coupon link worked like a charm as i received $10 off my parallels upgrade order.

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