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Pantothen Review + Feedback & Discussion

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User-Submitted Reviews of Pantothen & Testimonials

Posted by Mohsin ismail (8 years ago)

Horrible customer service

Paid extra for next day delivery and So far its been over a week and still nothing. Every time i ring up to ask about my product they give me the same answer that customer service will ring me but up until now not even 1 response!!! Absolutely appalled!! Never going to use them again..i am from bolton in england and part of my order number is 322005***

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somehow they are able to hide this from the world. But they are fake. they don't deliver the product its been 15 days. Please don't get decieved into buying pantothen. I mean they are not able to track my order or refund me the money. WTF.

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Posted by Adrienne Loli (8 years ago)

Pantothen reviews

APPALLING PRODUCT AND CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! It took me: 2 e-mails, 5 order update phone calls and the last one i made to them i actually asked for a refund, until then did i finally receive the 3 bottles i had purchased 6 weeks before hand. Once i finally got them, they were bigger than i thought, very hard to swallow. Obviously the pills aren't coated, so you can taste how disgusting they are and that makes them fragile so half of the pills were broken in pieces or into dust when i got them.

Phoning them, you always get through to some sales team in Ireland and they say their head-office is based in New-York, and say ALWAYS SAY "We'll send an e-mail to them and they will contact you back, bla, bla…" NO they NEVER do!!! You feel like no one can deal with the issue. Phone number is toll-free APPARENTLY... still got charged for it though!!

At the end of it all, i tried them for 2 months and all i got was cystic acne. Even rating them 1 out of 5 is too generous! Hope that helps to prevent anyone from using this scamming company! Order Number: 4350007***

Date Ordered: Thursday 03 May, 2012


1 x 3 Bottles () = £59.90

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United Kingdom flag   Review came from United Kingdom.

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8 years ago, Terry wrote:

This coupon did it for me & took off $15.98 on 8 bottles of Pantothen. Worked today, 5-3.

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