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OverstockArt Review + Feedback & Discussion

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User-Submitted Reviews of OverstockArt & Testimonials

Posted by ArtLover (8 years ago)

Poor service, inaccurate ship times

Do not do business with these people if you want the product to ship quickly. They claim 24 hour shipping, then take 5-7 days. Ask them to get it out as quickly as their FAQ section suggests, and they say they will if you pay $20/ extra per item ON TOP of the price. No one apologizes for anything. Most annoying part, they cancelled half my matching set order because they ran out of stock. It took them a week to figure that out and now I have 1/2 the set. Very BAD service and no one ever says "sorry."

  • Cheap
  • Cons:
  • Cancel orders
  • poor service
  • charge extra fees
  • do not ship in time frames quotes
  • will not apologize for mistakes
  • run out of paintings but don't update their site.
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    Posted by K Planes (9 years ago)

    Stole My Money - Never Received Product - Beware!

    I ordered 2 paintings from this company totaling over $800. I never received them and now have to sue in small claims, per an attorney's suggestion. The customer service is HORRIBLE and was only mildly responsive in my opinion when the BBB got involved. BBB Complaint Case#17653

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