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Office Super Savers Review + Feedback & Discussion

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Posted by JL (9 years ago)

Great prices...horrible service. I placed an order on 2/06/2011 and as of 2/18, still do not have all the parts required to assemble a chair and won't for another 3-4 days since it is a Holiday weekend.

My Order #: K100****

Location: New York

It took days before the order was placed and confirmed with the manufacturer who never provided any tracking information for a chair. When the chair was delivered on 02/15/2011, there were damaged parts which needed to be reported within 48 hours.

When contacted to inquire as to how the replacement of the broken part would proceed post-delivery, there was no response for over a day until customer service was emailed a SECOND time (no contact information OR tracking number was provided for the manufacturer OR the shipping company making the delivery when calling customer service from the website). The part is being replaced but that will tack on another week for delivery. Again, no tracking information, no updates, and no clue as to when this piece will arrive since I was informed by the representative it should be here in 1 or 2 days...two days ago.

When customer service was called in the afternoon, hours stated were morning till 6 pm Central Time. No one answered the calls on a Wednesday at 3:30PM Central Time.

Horrible, horrible customer service and ordering procedures. You get what you pay for so buyers beware.

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Posted by MSK (9 years ago)

I was looking for binders for a reasonable price. Checked out four stores (including office depot, staples etc.) but they were very expensive.

Office Savers really saved a lot of money for me. The order shipped on the same day I placed. UPS delivery was quick too.

The website could improve more. But I had no problem in placing the order.

Thank you Office Super Savers!!

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Posted by John Bergstrom (2 years ago)



I ordered 20 bucks worth of stuff on a Friday, got an email on Monday morning saying I had to call to verify my shipping address - as if I had moved or forgotten my own address in the 3 days since the order was placed! I replied by email verifying my shipping address and explaining I wasn't going to spend time on the phone for an online order (Isn't that the whole point of buying online? Not having to waste time on the phone? Apparently not to these people).

I also said that if it was going to be a hassle then they should cancel my order and I would give my business to someone else.

About a half an hour later I got an email from a customer service person named Carol that said my order would be 'cancelled today, as per your request'.

I engaged in a simple transaction that should have been a routine no-brainer for a competent online merchant... They definitely charged my card... But I guess petty harassment of the customer is standard operating procedure here. I just wanted to buy some pencil boxes... Wasn't doing anything complicated like applying for a mortgage or drafting my will - it should have been an easy thing.

But I will happily take my business elsewhere and avoid this dysfunctional company like the plague!

Bought: Pencil boxes (8)

Order Date: 2018-03-09

  • Cheap price
  • Cons:
  • Company makes you jump through hoops you shouldn't be bothered with on an online order. Just ship me my stuff!
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