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Posted by Agnes (1 decade ago)

My experience with Mexx??? That is my life nightmare!!! I'll never forget how staff shop treated me on Christmas shopping in Castelford Shopping Centre. Because one of the girls during her break time (or whatever she was doing in the cabin in fitting room) lost her mobile, she came into my cabin three times!!!! Once when I was in underweare only! When I had enough I left the cabin and got change out of the fitting room. The store manager was watching me dressing up with two security guards. I can't believe taht it happend at MEXX!!! At store with world reputation!!! I have never been humiliated that much!!! I didn't steal that mobile.So why I was treated like that? Store manager didn't want to listen my complains and she never said "I'm sorry". I CAN BELIEVE IT TILL TODAY!!!!!

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United Kingdom flag   Review came from United Kingdom.

Posted by Kathy Nguyen (7 years ago)


I am very disappointed by the kind of service the sales reps has rendered us.

From the moment we walked in, we were not greeted or acknowledged despite the fact that one of the sales reps made eye contact. There were a total of 5 sales reps and 4 customers in the store. My fiance and I could not get any help. As he was in the fitting room I went back and fourth to retrieve sizes for him.

Compared to the services at the Queensborough location, Metropolis services was poor and unsatisfactory. It's a shame because Metropolis is more convenient for us to shop at.

I do hope that they will look on this issue, make proper actions and make sure that you let the management team there know that their customer service lacks and hopefully take the appropriate to steps to provide a better shopping experience.

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Canada flag   Review came from Canada.

Posted by Petra (1 decade ago)

Only very good experience with the Mexx store in south Edmonton Common. The staff went out of their way to help me find everything and gave me a belt for free.

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Canada flag   Review came from Canada.

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