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Posted by Bonnie Appelbaum (1 decade ago)

Order# ending in ....1466 & ....1397 dated early April 2010. New York State, USA. I purchased a range expander from a local Best Buy, brought it home & was unable to set it up. I called Linksys for help, after 2 hrs I was told to purchase a different product from them over the phone. After receiving the item I called in for help and after 2+ hrs was told to purchase a different item through them. This happened approx 5 times between April and June. I spent several hundred $ and did not ever receive the item to resolve my issue. When I attempted to return the items, I was put through several phone calls all for 2+ hrs, had to convince the representative of why I needed to return the items (as if I needed permission), it took several weeks to receive the authorizations for return and every time I called to check on the authorization I was forced to restate the situation & sequence of events over and over again. My email address was inputted incorrectly & not able to be corrected so I had to inform the representative of that every time I called. I was constantly put on hold while a supervisor was consulted but never permitted to speak with a supervisor. To make it all more difficult the communication between the representative and myself was always poor because there is a language barrier and accent issue. Now, 3 months later, I am calling in to find out where my credits are and still being put on hold & transferred. I would like to give a rating of a negative number but this is not an option. I have spent way too many nonproductive hrs on the phone for the past 3 months, spent unnecessary $$ and gain large amounts of aggravation, lost time at work & with family for nothing. I will never order from 'shop linksys' again and will be very leery of calling Cisco Linksys for help with setting up any item in the future.

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Posted by J Hall (10 years ago)

I ordered items from the Cisco Home Store including a refurbished E3000 router. The E3000 router was in a box placed within another box that contained a Linksys AE1000. However since the E3000 box was not even closed it bounced around in transit and appears to be damaged. The website says they cannot accept returns if they are "physically damaged". I would advise to avoid the risk of the lazy employee in the packaging and shipping section by searching for an alternative supplier (unless you desire damaged merchandise). Order # ***8201 Bartlesville, OK

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