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Posted by david britton (1 decade ago)

I don't usually go to websites to complain about poor service, but this particular experience was so bad that I feel its important that I write this to save someone else the trouble of dealing with this company.

For the sake of time, I won't go into full detail, but here's what happened:

My wife and I ordered to phones from and signed up with T-Mobile. We signed up for the family 400 plan w/ myfaves. We were told that the plan included 400 anytime minutes, free nights and weekends, and unlimited text messaging. We received 2 free blackberry Curve 8900's but had to agree to sign up w/ the data internet plan, which we did.

When we got our first bill, we were charged an extra $20 for text messaging. When I called (and everytime you call you WILL wait for at least 15 min to talk to someone) I was told that No one ever told me that text messaging was free. I told them I had the typed up summary that they emailed me that did NOT include a $20/month charge for text messaging so I was basically being lied to about what my charges were. They responded by telling me that when the associate told me text messaging was free in my plan, I should've first researched it before agreeing to the terms.

ZERO accountability. They lied, they know they lied, and their response is basically, "you shouldn't have trusted us, you should've done the research yourself". So much for business ethics, morals, or integrity. I'll never do business with them again. If you want the same type of deal try

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Posted by mzanish (1 decade ago)

I cant believe companies like this exist 0 stars. The dont even read the email, will not cal, constntly lie and misrepresent the product. Forget replaceing your phone--im trying to cancell. heres and excerpt email from me to the un-named "SUPEERVISOR" thanks for NOT addressing the replacement product in any detail. Obviously, I cant just mail my phone away--then i have no phone. I cannot go 5 to when ever "depending on availability" my new phone will ship. I went on your web site link and just got 10 pages of legal eze policy. This is very simple exchage one phone for another, I can change a sim card and activate a phone and return the old on--Why all the complication???

You did not state the new model either or any cost on the phone. Web stated 99 cents-why no confirmation???

I'm sure my local AT&T store would not have handled it this way. Stop quoting policy and start with some good customer service.

I made a 2 year commitment to your services. I need to know when the replacement phone will ship, etc. Preferable before I ship mine back. You have my order # and phone numbers and my CC# why don't you call me to straighten this out?

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Posted by CW (5 years ago)

Horrible company! Total scam!!!

I had the 80 minute a month plan. I was told by my phone I had no more minutes! Say what?? I rarely, rarely ever use my phone! I knew something was wrong! I called and was told I had used 87 minutes!! There is no way! I do not spend that much time on my phone! I go several days without using my phone!! This company is a scam!! I cancelled my service as of Jan. 26, 2015! Good riddens!!!

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