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Just Fabulous Review + Feedback & Discussion

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User-Submitted Reviews of Just Fabulous & Testimonials

Posted by Diane (9 years ago)

Go Straight to BBB

Don't waste a second of your time trying to deal with this deceptive company. File a complaint with the BBB. Through them I was able to finally get them to cancel my account without having long waits on the phone and harassment by rude customer service reps. I still can't get them to comment why they won't put their membership terms on the opening page of their website. Why do they make it so hard to see and why won't they explain their reasoning behind doing this other than trying to deceive the consumer? Simple question, but they won't answer....hmmm, I guess that's the answer right there.

  • Absolutely none
  • Cons:
  • deceptive marketing
  • poor customer service
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    Posted by Brittany Stasiak (9 years ago)

    Disgusting service and moronic business model

    Well, based on the whopping two star rating ( which is actually two stars to many), it's obvious this company has done everything they can to take money from their customers as often as possible, while providing absolutely zero customer service. After being charged 40 bucks a couple weeks after receiving my first pair of cheap, poorly made, piece of crap hooker shoes that are 100% unwearable, I looked at the selections of new hooker shoes to use my poorly communicated "credit" towards (and they do in fact disguise the fact that not only will they be charging you monthly without option for a refund, but if you actually use that credit towards something on their site, that item is also nonrefundable). Yeah, I've never heard of a company doing that either. Have fun going out of business in a year after you've alienated every customer you've ever

    had, geniuses). Bottom line: this company is a short term scam with absolutely horrid customer service, that takes your money almost fraudulently ( as close to fraudulently as they can get without completely stepping over the legal line). They send you a pair of plastic shoes that only a hooker could love, and tell you you're stuck with them. Oh and one thing no one has brought up yet: the shoes that are the closest to halfway decent WILL be out of stock. Hopefully this review will stop at least one ( and hopefully dozens more) women from joining this bogus "membership" site, then I'm more than happy to have written it.

    P.S. If you have a question, don't bother emailing the site: I am honestly convinced no one reads them. You have to call them, and good luck with that endeavor- the staff is incredibly rude and mindless, and apparently have no clue how their own company does business. Worthless.

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