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Jacks Surfboards Review + Feedback & Discussion

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User-Submitted Reviews of Jacks Surfboards & Testimonials

Posted by Patrick A. (10 years ago)

What a horrible site and equally as bad customer service. Trying to navigate through the shopping cart which doesn't seem to be Internet Explorer friendly was the worst, but I won't even go there. I ordered a wetsuit top on Monday night, giving myself what I thought would be plenty of time for it to arrive before the weekend (California to California shipment), however I was wrong. I called up today, Friday, to see what is up with my order since I didn't receive a tracking number for it yet. I was greeted by this crabby man with a deep voice who didn't seem very happy that he's working or grateful that he even has a job. Lucky him, right? Anyway, I give him my order number and he shuffles through some paperwork to see what he can find. A few minutes of awkward silence later, he begins to tell me that it takes 3-4 days to process the order.... to which I interrupted him with, "You guys didn't have it in stock, did you?" to which he replies with "It had to be Special Ordered" and then informs me that it should ship out next Tuesday.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm plenty patient and I understand that not everything is always available on hand even though it is listed as "IN STOCK". However, there was no email notice saying, 'Hey, we're sorry the item you ordered has to be special ordered and is going to take a few days, do you mind waiting or do you want a refund?' Something to that extent would've been a nice gesture, but I got nothing. Not even any sympathy from guy I spoke to on the phone.

I then ask to cancel the order, as I need this wetsuit top this weekend and shipping it out next Tuesday wouldn't do me any good. He then tells me it would take another 2-3 days to even process me a refund!!! REALLY??? I paid with paypal, so it would literally a notion of a few clicks to issue a refund. If you're looking to buy from Jack's online, don't bother wasting your time or money.

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Posted by Colton Stradling (1 decade ago)

I am completely disgusted with this company. i purchased headphones over a week ago and have yet to receive them even though the shipping was 8 dollars. They don't even provide me with a tracking number so i dont know if my item is en route or was just lost. I emailed the customer service and they said they shipped it out but that was 3 days ago. Don't buy from this website.

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