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Intuit Online Payroll Review + Feedback & Discussion

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Posted by David (9 years ago)

Beware- Long Time Customers Not Treated Right

I was a long time user of PayCycle and then Intuit bought the company and changed its name to Intuit Online Payroll. I noticed that the price is $39 but I was being charged over $45 a month. So I asked customer service what is up with that? They gave me some bogus reason that I'm on the $42.99 plan with allows for up to 5 employees. I only have 2 employees though so I would rather have the $39 a month offer, and they flatly REFUSED to give me. Said something like I had already gotten some discount when I opened the account. WTH does that have to do with it? They're offering new customers 30 days free and 2 months for at a discount price of $10. I then inquired about closing my account, and was threatened that I would lose access to all my payroll info. Whatever- I thought I can just download the previous data and go with another company. So I went into the system to cancel via this link that says "cancel service", but I get this message upon clicking on the link:

"You cannot cancel your account because you have electronic payments pending."

What a bunch of crock (and crooks). Basically I'm being held hostage while they go ahead and charge another month for their "service".

  • poor customer service
  • refusal to match REGULAR price as long time customers stuck at elevated pricing
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    Posted by Derrick Shaw (1 decade ago)

    I use Paycycle and it's pretty simply and easy to navigate and do what you need. I like how they pretty much electronically file all my tax forms and employer forms. Their customer service is also pretty responsive. It's definitely a good deal to try since you get 30 days free and then 2 months at only $10. After that you'll pay $42.99/month, and it certainly beats having to hire a bookeeper if your business is not very big.

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    Posted by J.S.I. (4 years ago)

    RE: Got a 1 Cent Bill from Texas Workforce Commission

    This is a follow-up to my adventure last time trying to have the system pay the 1 penny that I own the Texas Workforce Commission. Since I can't revise my review, I'm writing a new one here.

    Basically today when I tried to pay and file the Texas C3 unemployment report, I got the following error message:

    Why can't I file this electronically? This form requires an electronic payment to be sent, but you have either chosen not to make this payment electronically or have made another payment during this filing period that was not electronic.

    What the heck? I never made any payment- the only way I had always done it was through the service. Then I realized it was likely from the doing of the last CSR I dealt with, which I thought solved the problem so I can pay an extra penny in the next payment.

    Apparently, it was all a waste of time. All the first CSR had me do is to record a payment, which disabled the electronic paying mechanism for the quarter I was going to pay for. So I ended up deleting the payment and then wasting another half an hour chatting with Intuit. Not happy at all and will be looking for an alternative service.

    BTW this CSR offered no solution for the penny problem- just kept stating obvious facts which was odd.

    This is the chat log:

    Thanks for chatting with us today. Please wait for your Intuit Online Payroll support specialist to join this chat.

    The average wait time to chat with a specialist is 11 minute(s).

    All payroll specialists are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. We will be with you shortly.

    You are now number 2 in line to chat with a specialist.

    While you wait...

    Did you know, there are many ways we can help you? Get help now at

    All payroll specialists are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. We will be with you shortly.

    You are now number 2 in line to chat with a specialist.

    While you wait...

    Did you know, there are many ways we can help you? Get help now at

    You are now chatting with 'Intuit'

    Intuit: Hi!

    JSI: Hello

    Intuit: Good day! Thank you for contacting Online Payroll Support. I hope you are doing well today.

    Intuit: First and foremost, may I have the business name or your federal tax Id for the verification of pulling up your account?

    JSI: *** INC

    Intuit: Thank you.

    Intuit: I can see here that you cannot seem to E-file the TX C3 form.

    Intuit: Is this for Q2?

    JSI: Yes

    Intuit: I would love to assist you with your concern.

    Intuit: I can see here that TX Unemployment tax for Q2 was not paid electronically that is why.

    JSI: I haven't made any payment, so not sure why it would say that? The only thing different was that somehow last quarter there was a one penny difference, and they sent me a letter saying I owe them 1 cent. So I contacted you guys and you had me enter some sort of prior tax history for 1 cent to be paid next time.

    Intuit: Please go to Taxes and Forms > View Tax Payments you made > filter the date as This Year.

    Intuit: You will see 07/31/2016 for TX Unemployment Tax with the amount of 15.85 being recorded manually.

    JSI: Yes but why? One of the reasons I use your service is that I can just have it done after I make a few clicks.

    Intuit: Can you try to delete the 7/31 tax payment?

    JSI: Sure, but what about that -$0.01 cent you guys had me set up?

    Intuit: You mentioned that you received a letter that you owe the state a penny, right?

    JSI: Yes

    Intuit: That is why it was entered there to clear up your tax liability.

    Intuit: If you want, you can delete the 2 taxes.

    Intuit: So that it will be cleared and I can check how much is your tax liability for Q2.

    JSI: Yes I can do that but will still owe by them a penny? What I want is to 1)pay & file electronically 2)pay whatever I own them so I don't owe them even a penny

    Intuit: Let us try it.

    Intuit: If we can E-pay it.

    JSI: So both of those?

    Intuit: Yes please.

    JSI: okay done

    JSI: Should I create a new payment?

    Intuit: One sec, let me check.

    Intuit: Yes, please.

    JSI: Okay $15.84

    Intuit: Yes, please try to approve.

    JSI: What about that one extra penny?

    JSI: That I suppose to pay them?

    Intuit: Please try to approve it first.

    JSI: All done

    Intuit: Your Q2 tax liability is only 15.84

    Intuit: So all is good now.

    Intuit: It's set as an E-payment as well.

    Intuit: Please try to file the form now.

    JSI: Yes it is filed, but looks like the 30 minutes I spent a month or two ago with another CSR to make up for that penny difference- the solution that came out of it, didn't work?

    Intuit: It will not matter since that is just a penny.

    Intuit: The state has also a leeway amount for taxes.

    Intuit: So that is totally fine.

    Intuit: And also your tax liability is the exact amount you paid for Q2.

    JSI: I actually called the state regarding that letter they sent me and they say I DO owe them that penny; believe me otherwise I would not have worried about it

    Intuit: Unless you will update your SUI rate in the system so that it will also be calculated.

    Intuit: Do you have the tax notice with you if I may ask?

    JSI: I had put it away after I thought it was resolved, but I can try to find it

    Intuit: I created a link in the To Do page so that you can upload.

    JSI: Found it- from Texas Workforce Commission

    Intuit: What is your SUI rate by the way?

    JSI: Dated May 24 2016; the contact on there is Harold Grant @ 210-256-3009 which was the person I spoke to

    JSI: I'm sure the SUI rate is correct, otherwise it would be more than a penny difference

    Intuit: The system will calculate your SUI taxes based on the SUI rate entered in the system.

    Intuit: Just want to verify, for what quarter does the notice is referring at that you owe a penny?

    JSI: It says quarter ended 3-31-16

    Intuit: So that is for Q1 and not Q2.

    JSI: Yes

    Intuit: Your SUI tax liability for Q1 is 34.02 and you E-paid it.

    Intuit: How much would it be for Q1 if I may ask?

    JSI: I suppose it should have bee 34.03; bottom line is I'm trying to pay them one more penny, but you're pretty much saying that the service cannot do it, is that correct?

    Intuit: That is correct unless the rate will be change to calculate the exact amount however, since that is for Q1, you already paid it and the remaining due amount cannot be E-paid anymore.

    Intuit: You can record it actually however for the payment, it should be done directly to the agency.

    JSI: Well I wish the last CSR I spoke to told me that so I didn't have waste all this time trying to make it work through this service

    Intuit: I understand and I am with you on that.

    Intuit: I do apologize for the miscommunication.

    JSI: Well if I have to keep doing more of this manual payment stuff in the future I will have to cancel the service

    Intuit: Tax payments are considered to be recorded manually if the tax payment is already late.

    Bought: Online Payroll

  • Could not solve my problem
  • Contact Us/Chat difficult to find
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    Posted by J.S.I. (4 years ago)

    Got a 1 Cent Bill from Texas Workforce Commission

    I have a small business and use Intuit Online Payroll. Everything had been working smoothly until recently I received a bill for get this, 1 penny, from Texas Workforce Commission, the state's agency for handling state unemployment payment insurance from businesses. I called 210-256-3009 (Harold Grant) and he said to not pay but rather add one extra cent to the payment amount.

    Thanks for chatting with us today. Please wait for your Intuit Online Payroll support specialist to join this chat.

    The average wait time to chat with a specialist is 0 minute(s).

    You are now chatting with 'Jom'

    Jom: Thank you for contacting Intuit Online Payroll support. How are you doing today?

    JSI: Okay thanks

    Jom: You're welcome. For verification purposes, may I have your last name and the name of the business?

    JSI: ***, **** ***

    Jom: Thank you for the verification. May I know what do you mean by the State Agency needs 1 cent extra to be paid on the next payment?

    JSI: I got a bill for 1 cent from them. I called and they said that they fixed some sort of calibration issue on their side where they were wiping up penny differences, and that I owe them a penny. They say that I can pay one extra penny in the next state unemployment payment.

    Jom: I see. Please allow me to check on it.

    Jom: Thank you for waiting.

    Jom: Did your state told you where to pay the extra 1 cent?

    JSI: No they said to include it in the next payment.

    Jom: Ohh I see. Because when you create a payment using Intuit it is just a fix amount that you can pay through them, ****. I suggest to pay the 1 cent to their website.

    JSI: So you're saying that I can't add an extra penny in my next payment?

    Jom: Yes, because the amount that you are going to pay using the System is by a fix amount.

    Jom: Let me check some options that we can do.

    JSI: I don't even know why there is an extra penny I owe if I have entered all the rates correctly. Doesn't seem right.

    Jom: I have an option here that we can try. ****.

    Jom: We will enter a prior tax history on your account so that when you pay your tax there is an additional 1 cent to pay, how's that?

    JSI: Sure if that will work

    Jom: Yes it will, ****. Please allow me to check it first.

    Jom: One moment please.

    Jom: Thank you for waiting, ****.

    JSI: Sure

    Jom: Can I view your screen so I can properly walk you through it? I will not have any access to your computer, I can only guide you with a red marker. We can continue our conversation on this chat window for recording purposes.

    JSI: Okay

    Jom: Please click here

    JSI: Should I save and run the file?

    Jom: Yes please.

    JSI: Okay it says connected

    Jom: Yes. Please accept the connection.

    Jom: Please accept the access ****.

    Jom: You can put 07/25/2016

    Jom: Please allow me to check.

    JSI: What is the next step

    Jom: Alright! I can see here that the -01 cent is already added to your liability this coming period.

    Jom: So when you are going to pay taxes the 1 cent is already included on what you need to pay.

    JSI: Great thanks for your help- all set then right?

    Jom: You're welcome. Yes we are all set now.

    Jom: My pleasure to address your payroll concerns. By the way how is Intuit helping your business so far?

    JSI: It's doing fine- thanks for asking

    Jom: I assume based on your response that you will promote the service we have provided to anyone.

    JSI: Sure thing- thanks again


    It has been a pleasure chatting with you today...

    Jom: Thank you for choosing Intuit Have a good one!

    JSI: You too

    Bought: Monthly payroll service

  • Fixed my problem
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    Posted by Gregory Milan Jr. (1 decade ago)

    Good deal, good service, & easy-to-use. I wish they give me a discount since I only have 2 employees including myself! But right now I just don't see any better payroll alternative that provides the same features for the price. I just go click, click, click and the payroll is done, taxes are paid, and forms are filed.

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    1 person said 'NO'


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