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Posted by Dave (1 decade ago)

The other day we purchased furniture worth over $1200 at IKEA. Some of the furniture boxes were too large to fit into our car, so we requested home delivery. It was about 7:45 PM and an African-American lady helped us. Right away she told us that the giant mirror we had purchased was not valid for delivery. I told her that no one had informed us of that when we inquired about delivery earlier, but she was very unsympathetic, saying that the mirror was too risky for Ikea to deliver. So I told her that we would have to return the mirror, but she didn't care. Resigned to that fact, we asked her to setup delivery for the remainder boxes. It took her over 15 minutes to finally get back to us with a delivery quote, and then she told us that she's going to charge us an extra $35 because the furniture had exceeded 300 lbs. Some of the furniture came in two boxes, and we said we would take the boxes that would fit in our car to bring the weight below the 300 lbs, but she bluntly told us that she would still calculate everything as the full weight. Incredulous, we informed her that we were going to return everything and she simply went "OK". Obviously Ikea did not want our business and we returned everything right there on the spot, and we will never buy from Ikea again. Ikea's indifferent customer service is shockingly disappointing. It was our first visit to Ikea and will be our last. That delivery policy where you can't take the boxes you can fit in your car can be characterized as fraudulent.

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Posted by jan (8 years ago)

Ikea Customer Reviews

I absolute HATE Ikea customer service - they are the worst! Their prices might be good but you get what you pay for. The customer services are really bad both in store and online, and don't even think of calling to your local store for help because you will expect to wait for at least 20 minutes, and with some bad luck, an idiot will accidentally hang up on you so you have to start over with your 20+ minutes of waiting on the phone...... why don't I just bang my head against the wall instead!!!

As I finally get some help via phone....FYI, they only ship furniture stuff for you if you live from one of their stores and want to buy stuff from their online store -they will not ship accessories stuff, plants and small stuff etc.

  • -low prices
  • Cons:
  • -low quality stuff in most cases
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