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Posted by herman (7 years ago)

These people have not a single clue!

All cares abut is zapping your bank account, charging outlandish fees and ignoring you. I went into the hospital last year with a heart attack. By the time I got back home a month later they'd double charged me three months in a row. I did not catch it initially because let's face it. It takes a long time to recover from a heart attack. I called them three times on the same day, spent six plus hours trying to not only get the billing issues squared away but to get my service fixed. While the billing issue did get resolved it took over four months. And even then they ignored my complaints on the service itself. Try to convince someone sitting in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, or wherever in Hell they hide their "service" center that a problem exists. I cannot bring up my account without seeing "webpage cannot be found" at least three or four times. kept saying it was my computer. WRONG! I had thought the same until I was on my THIRD computer and the same thing keeps happening! Folks, I'm gonna say it in plain English and not whatever oriental cesspool they hide their "support" center in. These people only care about taking your money. They don't give a damn about actually fixing any problems. I have been stuck with a two year contract with Now they DEMAND that I honor my end of the contract while they'll take their time "thinking" about actually doing anything to resolve it. All they can do is "I checked through my computer and it works fine." Well Duh! You're sitting a foot from the server, of course it's going to work fine! and "We have to update your account number your credit card number changed and we demand the current one. You have no idea how much I felt like telling them to take their service and cram it all up where the Sun don't shine. The only reason I didn't is tomorrow I have heart surgery to replace a leaky heart valve.

Now I don't know if I'll survive the surgery or not. That's irrelevant! These clowns do not care one whit about providing good service. All they want to do is find new ways to soak you for more money. "Buy tokens, indeed!" is making a ton of money off of all of us dumb enough to ever sign up with them. They know that since they're the only provider in some areas they can act as rude and unprofessional as they want. AND THEY DO!!!! Before you sign up with, think it over once, twice, three times, four times, five times and then GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!! It's tough to find honorable American companies anymore and is not one! Save your nickels and save your dimes and go somewhere else! This is just as bad of a deal as Obamacare! Maybe worse! I'll step off my soapbox now but now you've been warned! Let's put these bums out of business!!! NOW!!! Thank you!!!!!

Bought: They're trying for something to make excuses for here.

Order Date: 2010-11-03

Date Received: 2010-11-06

  • They aren't handy. That way I cannot choke the chickens like they deserve!!! Hopefully I won't have to worry about them anymore if I do not survive my surgery.
  • Cons:
  • My stupidity in ever buying the line of garbage they had out!
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    Posted by Kris-Anne (1 decade ago)

    We have had Hughes for over a year now. We have been very unhappy. The speeds they advertise for "country living" are not near the speeds we are getting. The cost to set up is also alot more than we had understood. Additionally, we have had very poor customer service, w/ all foreign speaking agents who are hard to understand and generally unsympathetic. Our email is awful - very hard to forward emails, very slow and even a bit unreliable. I would never, ever recommend

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    Posted by Mitch (1 decade ago)

    For people living in the back woods, such as myself, getting internet service can be as much of a laborious chore as waiting for dial-up to connect. My answer was looking into Satellite Internet as a source for my ISP. Since I am already familiar with the operational limitations, the affects of weather, for my DirecTV satellite for my TV source, it was a logical step to just ditch all of the hassle of dial-up out here in the boonies. Of course, as I have already mention, Satellite TV and High Speed Internet have a long way to go to catch up with DSL, Cable, etc., however, that being said, it's light years beyond dial-up. Even in times of an economic recession, you are not limited to just buying a satellite internet system, there are lease plans available.

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