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Posted by The I. Joneses (9 years ago)

After order product#__575 over the weekend, we found out the merchandise was out of stock. The purchase went through the bank 5 days afterwards, the same day a refund/cancelation was finally submitted by Home Gallery. While this may be excusable, the customer service was borderline hostile with disregard to customer comfort, absence initiative to reply to emails, and blatant sarcasm with regards to "banks fault", credit- card delays, customers assertiveness to gain a response from Home Gallery staff. Sales staff actually mocked our questioning the delay of shipping in comparison to other merchandise companies such as appliances. A leading Home Gallery staff member asserts "customers of appliance retailers receive appliances dumped off in their front yards", versus our "white glove delivery". Funny, I don't recall ever having an appliance dumped off in my front yard.

This is occurring during a current live order for ANOTHER piece of furniture we are purchasing from them. Wow, what a lack of courtesy or appreciation for our patronism!

While we are currently contending to aquire the contact info of the General Manager or an Executive Officer of the organization, and its address, we are dissatisfied with our experience.

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