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Posted by Megan Bond (10 years ago)

Order: 11599

The product itself I have no problems with. In fact I've had continued success and recommended the product to people.

However the customer service on the european side is beyond appaling it's non-existant and this is no exaggeration. In fact I am writing this in the hope that they might bother to actually contact me.

I purchased 2 bottles of the One-week diet 6 weeks ago and still haven't received it. Britsh mail is notoriously bad also but from what I can work out (and certainly not from what they've told me) I don't even believe my order has been dispatched yet of course they charged me immediately. I have rung all the numbers - UK, Sweden & the US. The european numbers are never answered other than occassionally by answering machines which are either in Swedish only or Swedish & English but neither allow you to leave a message and just hang up on you. I did get a response from the US who promised to make someone contact me. That was 2 weeks ago. Nothing.

I have written 6 emails so far to each different email address I can find. Nothing.

I even tried to fax them directly but their fax machine never answers either.

Have thought about getting lawyers involved but for a £60 order would it be worth it and would they be able to get a response either?

Am at my wits end.

So they are getting 2 points because the product works but their terrible customer service has really tainted this for me so I will not be ordering again.

Megan. London, UK

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