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Posted by nita (1 decade ago)

It took forever for to ship the items to me (about 2 1/2 weeks). I don't think that I want buy anything from them again, not only the shipping period is long but importantly, the products they selling are just not good quality stuff. it might seems really cheap, but it's all junk. GraveyardMall is kinda like biglots, you shouldn't expect to get high quality stuff. Their stuff might seems really cheap but you can actually find the same items for the same prices other place online as well.

I bought 4 items from them on one shipment, and all of them are in extremely low quality (you get what you paid for). the dresses that i bought were really low quality with very ugly fabric. however, there are some kinda interesting features to the dresses. Let me give you my Infinite Dress review: It's not the classiest material, or not all. Almost swimsuit like material, but thicker . It's good for the price but no way is it worth 100 dollars (i bought the two dresses black & red for $16, and still kinda regret that i bought them, rather spend more money on something nicer). I can make this from any material from Joanna Fabrics. I actually dislike the fact that the seam is right in the middle of the dress when worn the ways they suggest. Looks kinda of dumb. What dress has a seam down the middle? Thought interestingly you can wear this dress front or backwards, but the seam thats on the side of the dress with the tag is wack. Though, if you wear it the other way around there is no seam and those styles are better looking. i have to say i like the black one better than the red, I think the seam is more noticeable in the red one. Also the stitching on the seam is kinda messed up on my red one, so it looks defective and cheap. It is too baggy but I might try to sew up the seam side to make it smaller. Seems doable.

Warning to the Ladies: watch out, i think if you're wearing this without a bra, this dress is very dysfunctional in that you will need a safety pin to hold it up because the material is heavy and slippery, otherwise your boobies will become gradually exposed as your dress starts falling lower and lower during your night out.

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Posted by Chen (8 years ago)

Took a while

We purchased from Graveyard mall the Motorola Mbp20 DECT 1.9 GHz back on November 28, and just received it today. It was their daily deal that we got for $65.98 total (after a $5 off coupon and $6.99 shipping. Better than what Woot was selling it for several times. In additional to the slow shipping, it was packed into the shipping box so tightly that we had to rip the box apart in order to get the camera out. I would buy from them again, but if you are looking for a birthday gift or something time sensitive, just be aware of their no-so-timely delivery.

  • good price on our baby video monitor
  • Cons:
  • shipping was kind of slow
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