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Internet Marketer reviewer photoPosted by Internet Marketer (5 years ago)

Watch Out for Scams/Does NOT Let You Warn Others About Fraud

The other day I discovered and felt like a kid in a candy store. It offered numerous tasks that could be done for you to promote your business for just $5. So I thought, why not, especially since some of these "gigs" had excellent reviews.

One of the ones I purchased offered to write 5 unique articles for just $5. All you have to do is send the words and the seller will research and provide a "100% unique" work. To top it off, it even came with a buy 2 get 1 free offer. Sweet, so I thought, and bought 15 articles. In less than 2 days the seller delivered. That was fast, and the articles looked great. But then I noticed that EVERY word had a squiggly red line underneath it when I tried to spell check in Word or the Notepad++ editor.

Since this person was from Indonesia, I immediately assumed that oh she probably just used some sort of different encoding. So I saved the file and loaded it into Firefox, right-clicked and in the info it said "UTF-16LE". So I tried converting to UTF-8 but still no go- every single word was still indicated as misspelled even though they were not.

I contacted the seller and asked to be provided the correct encoding, but she immediately refunded my money. I replied back and said it's okay I don't want to get the work for free, after all it was hard work for her to write them. I just wanted them converted, that was all.

There was no reply after a day, so I started to re-type one of the articles and discovered that it was word for word, an exact duplicate of an article from I checked another one- same thing, this time from another source.

This person has 22 reviews, zero negative. And I soon found out why. Whenever a refund is offered by the seller, you CANNOT provide negative feedback any longer. So basically all these positive reviews were from folks who didn't know better- they must have copied and pasted these odd-ball encoded "English" words and phrases during their check in Google. There would be zero result because these were pretty much not English, though they look exactly like regular words. The seller had developed a scheme to cheat unsuspecting buyers by programmatically converting verbatim copied text from the Internet into a gibberish format.

Angered not being able to warn others, I contacted Fiverr Customer Service. After 2 days, they did not reply. I checked a couple days after that, and noticed that Ana, the CSR looking into the issue, had simply marked my request as "solved" with ZERO RESPONSE.

That is shockingly bad customer service. My experience highlights a serious flaw in the company's feedback system of sellers. I'm not giving it a 1 star because I've had solid experience with a couple of other sellers, though several others flaked out after not being able to complete work by the deadline, and simply offered a refund.

Order: #FO85CEB1A---

Bought: I will write 5 articles 400 words Pass Copyscape for $5

Order Date: 2015-08-25

  • Good value if you find the right services
  • Cons:
  • Be aware of con jobs
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    J. reviewer photoPosted by J. (5 years ago)

    Difficult to Leave Poor Reviews

    There are many quality "gigs" that are of very solid value. Unfortunately the unsuspecting can be easily scammed on Fiverr. This is because if you do discover that you've been swindled after the work has been done, what would you do? Ask for a refund of course. Then the con artist will of course return your $5, but then you are unable to alert future potential buyers of the deceitful seller.

    My story is that I saw a guest post opportunity gig and submitted an article for it. A couple days later, the seller sent the link where my guest post was located. However, there was no internal link to my guest post article. I complained about this and he first played dumb, feigning confusion and saying that the my article does link to my site. Duh. The problem was that the article was an orphaned page on his site. When I pressed him further, his response was:

    "Indexed linking and bookmarking and Boost bloggpost cost extra. what you think, what you get for 5 Dollar? you don't get Gold you must pay more"

    The funny thing is I've done several guest post gigs on Fiverr already with no problem until this incident. This guy was pretty much offering garbage for $5. He could have printed out my article on toilet paper, folded it into an airplane, then threw it into a random crowd, and it'd be a better gig.

    Lesson learned!

    Bought: Guest Post on Hiking Blog

    Order Date: 2016-01-03

    Date Received: 2016-01-06

  • some nice gigs at great prices
  • Cons:
  • be careful of zero integrity tricksters out to waste everyone's time
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