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Posted by victor schiro (8 years ago)

fineartamerica makes veiled threat from Dan Daughtery

It should be know that since the original memeber, Angelina choose to take my review to her friends at the fineartamerica

discussion group instead of responding on this site; one of her loyal friends offered to, (I am paraphrasing) something like, Angelina, I live close to Victor, ya want I should send the boys over to pay him a little visit. This is a crime, and I advised him in a direct email as well as reporting him to the fineartamerica managment and to the Sheriffs in California and Yuma Arizona were this wanna be thug lives. This is a good example of the quality of character that lives online as a "community of artists"

order number 130820 Angelina Vick

  • very easy printing
  • Cons:
  • very odd group of people that dominate the discussion section
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    27 out of 42 people said 'YES'


    Posted by Ezshwan Winding (8 years ago)


    I was an artist member for years and had paid what I thought was a one-time Payment of $30, only to find that it was a continuing charge. I did not want POD or a website from them. I contacted them through customer service, but was ignored. I called their phone number, but only received a recorded message.I quit my membership months ago and my credit card is STILL being charged.

  • The listing is free.
  • Cons:
  • There is no on line help for artists or a way to cancel the yearly charge. Beware!
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    I think you misunderstood the process. Everyone is set up on automatic payments. It is a yearly fee, which is stated when you sign up for it. The phone number to contact a person is also listed on the site.

    27 out of 43 people said 'YES'

    Mexico flag   Review came from Mexico.

    Posted by Salvador Penaloza (9 years ago)

    The service is poor and lousy, these people do not solve the questions or problems , they just xxxx your account and one does not get the money back, I will not recommend it

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    26 out of 41 people said 'YES'

    Mexico flag   Review came from Mexico.

    Posted by Brian (4 years ago)

    Complete Disaster from a customer perspective

    order number 504661

    I am not even sure I know where to start. I ordered thousands of dollars worth of prints about a 1.5 months ago and I still do not have anything acceptable on my walls. To make matters worse, I have to deal with a third party call center and they cannot help me with the things I need, and they then make it impossible to get a hold of someone to escalate to. What is clear is that FAA does not provide their front line CSRs with the proper tools (having the UPS tracking numbers that they initiated on a resend would be a good start!!). I have not see this level of incompetence and unprofessionalism in my entire life (and I am 43!,). Apparently the 'only' person that deals with escalations is "Rosemary" but no one know if and when she will return calls or even when she is in the office.

    I have wasted so much time with this company.

    I do not recommend to do business with this company at all.

    Bought: Acrylic Prints

    Order Date: 2015-10-09

  • frequent damage to items
    too difficult to resolve issues.
    customer service slow and extremely frustrating.
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    They took money off my debit card, after the order was cancel and they were aware of it. We even email them yet, they went 6 days later and took unauthorized money from our bank card. The order was cancel within mins of placing it, and we received documents showing that, yet Fin art America 6 days later took money off our card for the same cancel order. This was not the first incident involving taking money for cancel order. I concluded that this is their poor business practice, so be careful doing business with them. They are unprofessional and do not abide by consumers law.

    8 out of 8 people said 'YES'

    Canada flag   Review came from Canada.

    Posted by Mr. B (8 years ago)

    Fine Art America

    I am a collector from NYC and have purchased many works from this site. The quality is excellent and the prices are much better than a gallery would charge. I am aware the artists make a fraction of the price of their work, which is a shame, because the galleries or representative take the bulk of it. I search for, follow and purchase based on what I like as well as the education and bio of an artist.

    I do think the negative postings on here are from disgruntled artists (also shame). I agree there are many on this site, as well as others, who, in my opinion should find another career as their work is obviously amateur and is void of skill, thought and emotion; however, I have also seen the same in galleries - both high and lower end. I can assure you art is subjective. A particular piece evokes emotions differently in everyone. Many purchase art on mere aesthetics, a sense of connection or enjoyment of the artist who created it, budget, or a combination of all. I purchase for investment as well as pleasure. I own many pieces ranging from just under 1 million to 100.00. Some go up in value, some fall.

    I can say that FineArtAmerica offers a wide variety of art, artist and services with great prices. As a matter of fact, I have brought a few other art investor friends into the site and they enjoy it also. Perhaps the nay-sayers in here are the wannabe artists that can't quite cut it, or was a gallery owner with ridiculous prices who couldn't cut it maybe both. I will say that the art world is becoming less 'clique-y' as a result of sites like this. Before, art was directed by a few people who would direct sales and artist work simply by social association. Personally, I could never see paying millions for art that obviously lacks skill, heart and soul. Now these overpriced galleries have major competition. Hopefully their stuffiness has been humbled by all the exquisite artwork that they've ignored out there. My thanks to the internet more exposure to the world of art, the true artists of the world and sites like FAA.

    Mr. B

    Order number - 40549 - 54321

  • Great variety
  • talent and service. A pleasant site that is easy to navigate.
  • Cons:
  • A few stragglers who made fictitious profiles and are not artists - just spammers taking up time and space from those that are legitimate. It seems after reading these posts FAA needs to have human beings a bit more accessible for the artists - after all without the artists FAA would not exist.
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    3 Replies
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    The only one who will become DISGRUNTLED is Mr.Sean Broihier the SOLE OWNER of Fine Art America. He controls everything there. There is no such person named Brian McDunn. Mr.B just might be the alias BRIAN or the one and only Mr. Broihier. You seem to really know your stuff in the world of ART DEALING don't you sir. What did you say Mr.B, that you brought your ART INVESTOR "friends" to Fine Art America? You are either the one and only SEAN or you are one of the ART DEALERS helping Sean to make those MILLIONS and MILLIONS per year stealing the copyright to go ahead and make a
    PRINT of ANY PIECE SITTING at FINE ART AMERICA then you sell it to ANYONE. You also work with GALLERY BUYERS, ART PUBLISHERS, ART INVESTORS, INTERIOR DESIGNERS, HOTEL DESIGNERS and the list goes on. Could it be that SOME of this happens outside the country so you don't get caught? The truth already came out Sean and people have been talking about it for some time now. I heard what Sean is up to and he has been a master at winning the loyalty and trust of artists at Fine Art America. Not only is SEAN BROIHIER responsible for this but the ART DEALERS that help him. Sean did you actually believe that you would get away with this for the past few years? You went from making about $175,000 one year to $5 MILLION the very next year. This year I heard it will be $15 MILLION. It is really unfair isn't it Sean when you find out that your THEIF SIDEKICKS expose you and how about all of the PRINTING PARTNERS you work with Sean.
    He doesn't just work with one in North Carolina and the other in California. No, he
    uses SEVERAL PRINTERS all in cahoots with him. Art professionals know just what you have done Sean. You give your Artists a lot of LIP SERVICE and they believe you but unfortunately for you Sean your ART DEALING FRIENDS had a SLIP OF THE LIP.
    Mr. B just like you I also do not appreciate how rude Victor Schiro's comments were about FIne Art America however you sound more like a paycheck hungry art critic than someone who is being fair. The PUBLIC decides what sells. Not galleries,investors,or interior designers. The internet has given control to an artist and it is a BUSINESS. No one in control of the business area of art can judge what is worthy and what is not. All they can do is promote it. So it is not your place and especially not Victor's to decide who should be on Fine Art America and who should not be.

    26 out of 45 people said 'YES'


    Posted by Mike Savad (8 years ago)

    Fine Art America is a great place to sell you art

    This site is designed for people that want to sell their art to people who are interested in it. The people here create a variety of art in different forms. Anyone that calls an artist - bad - is hiding something themselves because you can't compare art since it's an expression of oneself.

    I've been there for about 1/2 year now, and i've made quite a bit of money, well worth the $30 charge you'll make it back fast as long as you have high quality work.

    Everyone charges their own prices, so you really can't say if the prices are fair, but your buying art, not just a print. I do recommend joining, you'll meet a bunch of like minded folks, some more uppity than others. This is a site to make money from your art or craft, it's not really a gallery - in the sense that a brick and mortar place is a gallery. But that doesn't make you a non-artist. Seeing some of these reviews on here, tells me these people make very few sales in any place they go, don't use those reviews as a site review though. Your an artist as soon as you create something with your mind. It doesn't matter how old you are. People that say bad things about others should be ignored, and you should be encouraged to sell anyway, it's up to the buyer if they want the art or not. It doesn't matter if your some housewife as one rude reviewer mentioned.

    Order Number: 40549-123456

    ---Mike Savad

  • Many different print options
  • easy to navigate frame options
  • Cons:
  • shipping seems high to me but if you need it to get there in one piece... and there could be better stats if your a member.
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    2 Replies
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    Mike Savad, is not in Israel he is in New Jersey also in leagues with the devils there at FAA. He is a suck up and would be moderator and know it all. He post to every discussion in the discussion area like he knows what he is saying. His only knowledge is to know and suck up to the owners and their minions. This company is not good and what Mike is saying is BS. If you really want to know what this company is about,join as a member and check out how things are run. Also try getting in touch with the managers and ask them some tech issues ,they will never answer you.Also if you ask in a public forum there ,their answer is to shut it so quick that you get your hand caught in the door.If you do not believe me ,make a free account , put a few pieces of work there and then join the discussion areas and post a few innocent questions like someone new and you will be attacked really fast and furious and made fun of and put down until you want to quit.Check out the Lady Isabella Shores. Abbie and also Mikie Savad.. this guy and others that seem to just hang in that area to smash new people and dog them and if you are black make sure they know ,that really makes them burn. Good luck to all and to all a good night.. just not a good day at FAA
    Don't waste your money or your time on Fine Art America. They are a typical flakey dot com straight out of the early 2000 era with a very poor business acumen. A word to the wise is usually sufficient as Fine Art America is not a credible online venue for serious artists or photographers. Fine Art America is full of internal shortcomings at the order and product fulfillment levels. I finally had to take all my works off of their site and close my account due to their lack of commitment to appropriate customer relations, product quality and business integrity. On all three levels ,Fine Art America fails miserably. If you are someone who has clients who are depending on you for mission critical, high quality photo or art works in a timely manner, do not tie the fate of your success to Fine Art America. They will simply hurt your reputation while refusing to accept any accountability for their personal shortcomings.

    27 out of 51 people said 'YES'


    Posted by Jeff Kolker (8 years ago)

    Great place to buy..and to sell

    Seems like some on here are suffering from "sour grapes". Fine Art America is a great place for someone to find and buy nice quality artwork prints and cards from a wide variety of artists. The quality of the prints are superb, and I have several hanging on my walls.

    As for artists, I've had good success with the site. My sales here are more than the other 5 sites I list with combined.

    Overall, my experience with the site has been exceptional. Very happy....

    Order Number: 40549-150657

    Oklahoma, USA

  • Easy to navigate
  • wide variety of artwork
  • community of artists
  • high quality prints
  • great return policy (for buyers)
  • Cons:
  • support response sometimes can lag
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    21 out of 40 people said 'YES'


    Posted by Lori Deiter (9 years ago)

    The Fine Art America site is filled with beautiful work and is very easy to navigate!!!

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    Lori Deiter is a photographer that makes very nice kitch cards; not fine art.

    14 out of 27 people said 'YES'


    Posted by Sharon Mau (8 years ago)

    Fine Art America is the Best

    Aloha . Fine Art America is my primary storefront and I love it . I also enjoy frequent sales . I am a premium member of many websites and FAA is my personal favourite . for many reasons . . They produce truly beautiful fine art quality prints and we also enjoy a wonderful international social network of talented fine art photographers and artists from around the world . . it is a user friendly website with an open forum . meet new members . make new friends . network in a wonderful community of interesting people . . All this as well with a very reasonable annual fee . especially in this industry . and a website owner who is professional and very kind in helping members by responding and answering our questions and providing us with many marketing tools to help us in promoting our work .

    . . If you are not already a member I encourage you to join . . Few companies offer so many features . and a fully customizable personal website . . "Each Artist Website has its own built-in search engine that allows your visitors to quickly search for images by keywords . . Your website is powered by Fine Art the world's largest, most-respected giclee printing and framing company"

    As an active host of many groups . especially Dimensions . I can also tell you we enjoy the encouraging feedback and creative encouragement in a professional environment and we enjoy the interactivity as well as launching and participating in many exciting contests . . Another important note is that we also enjoy a direct link to our personal fan page on facebook where we may use the app to set up our full featured shopping cart . . our fans and visitors on fb may view our entire FAA portfolio and purchase prints and greeting cards from both sites . . I also enjoy the fact that now we have private password protected galleries as well . . this is wonderful for those collections we may create for our own personal use . for family albums . wedding galleries or other applications . . There are many options and many possibilities . .

    . . Thank you so much . . Aloha . . Sharon Mau

    Order Number 40549 - 54321

  • Beautiful Fine Art Quality Prints
  • Excellent Customer Services
  • Cons:
  • None
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    20 out of 40 people said 'YES'


    Posted by JC Findley (8 years ago)

    Fine Art America, great for artists and clients alike.

    Really there are two ways to view the Fine Art America site; the view from the customer side and that of one that sells there. I have been on both sided of that coin.

    As a buyer I find an immense inventory of quality work. Even with millions of images for sale the internal search is designed to narrow down the offerings to those that suit your particular needs. I can pick virtually any subject and insert it in the search there and find multiple quality offerings of just what I am looking for. Not only do I find high quality art covering myriad subjects I can get it printed in a wide variety of sizes and on a wide variety of materials. Canvas gallery wrap? Check. Modern acrylic print? Check. Traditionally framed with a huge variety of frame and mat styles and color? Check. I have ordered all of the above and been extremely satisfied with the actual product. And with a 30 day, no questions asked guaranty you really are not taking any risk buying something online.

    Based on my experience as a customer I also decided I would sell my work there as well. I am a professional landscape photographer and have sold in brick and mortar art galleries and other online venues. Without a doubt Fine Art America is becoming my best venue for selling art photography. Someone stated that Fine Art America continues to charge them fees. It is an ongoing fee but is only charged once a year and should come as no surprise to anyone that actually tracks their business expenses. That is also far more of a bargain than anywhere else I have sold images on the world wide web.

    Are there amateurish paintings and photographic art on the site? To be honest it is not my place to judge the art of others. Rather than listen to me or anyone else about the quality of the art on Fine Art America be your own judge. Try the site and search for a subject you would like to have as a large print in your living room. It is certainly free to browse and I think you will be quite pleased with the selection you have to choose from.

    JC Findley

    Order Number-58153

  • Easy to find quality images of virtually any subject or location.

    High quality products.
  • Cons:
  • From an artist's perspective it is a relatively saturated market. If you produce top quality work though
  • it is not really an issue.
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    19 out of 37 people said 'NO'


    Posted by mwrg (7 years ago)

    Do Not Order from These Fools - Order Number 48812

    Order Number - 48812; Liked Photo, but arrived later than promised.

    Bought: Photo - Coastline

    Order Date: 2013-06-05

    Date Received: 2013-06-13

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    wah wah wah wah wah you hade to wait 8 days.
    oh big deal...oh so sorry!

    14 out of 24 people said 'NO'


    Posted by Angelina Vick (8 years ago)

    Fine Art America is a great business tool!

    I have been a member of Fine Art America for a couple years now. It's value is incomparable to anything the web has to to offer. For $30, you get your own individual site, multiple online marketing tools, and a full service print on demand...the buyers are able to decide exactly how they want it, and FAA takes care of the whole order.

    I highly recommend it.

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    2 Replies
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    Isn't interesting that one of the most gifted, truly gifted real abstract painters on the fineartamerica website, Vivian, claims mostly genuinely and modestly that she is not a serious artist as you and your very limited, "community of artists" claim? Vivian's abstract paintings, Neo-Abstract Expressionist to be exact very much in the tradition of the late great Han Hoffman, would stand up to best there is in this area of modern painting. And yet, again , she is the least presumptuous of the group.
    I strongly advise looking up this persons "artwork" before taking what she has said as a valid review of Fineartamerica. She is an excellent example of what is going on at Fineartamerica. If you want to be reassured that you are an artist, and have no idea what your doing, but would like to role play, and be with like others; then this is the place for you. If you want to be taken seriously, and actually have skills, training ...stay away.

    25 out of 46 people said 'NO'


    Posted by Tony (9 years ago)


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    Tony has no idea what he's talking about, or he is working for fineartamerica. No way any respectable artist would recommend this way.

    20 out of 31 people said 'NO'


    Posted by Artist#99 (8 years ago)

    Fine Art America is for MEDIOCRITY

    Anyone who thinks this site contains much Fine Art, doesn't know the difference between Andy Warhol and Andy Griffith! Filled with "stay-at-home" housewife doodling and wanna be photographers, maybe there's one in a hundred that could possibly rank as a real artist! FILLED WITH AMATEUR CRAP!

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    3 Replies
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    Fine Art America is the most perfect place for PRINTING ON DEMAND. The quality is very professional. The websites available for artists to showcase their work is the BEST. The only problem is that you have to know business and marketing in order to make SALES or at least generate a lot of traffic flow to your art and make a FAMOUS NAME for yourself.
    I can't complaint, I'm new in FAA, I made good money already with my sales, and I'm a less than two months member. I LOVE FAA!
    Artist#99 is 100% correct

    38 out of 66 people said 'NO'


    Posted by victor schiro (8 years ago)

    Fine Art America is for wannabe "artists"

    This is a terrible place to be if you have any value as a real artist. It is filled with high school level fools who support each others self-delusions that they are a "community of artists" .You can only hurt yourself by being associated with this group of fools, and would discourage any real collector, gallery dealer who found you and your work on this website.

    The business of fleecing artists today is big business to be sure. And this is a cesspool of mediocrity at best. Stay away or die by association.

    Before taking what the so called "artists" who gave fineartamerica a positive review as valid; do yourself a favor and look up their work. For example: Angelina Vick is one of their most presumptuous phonies of the group. She loves to support new members who are below high school level in their work with the air of being a seasoned professional artists condescending to them with insipid praise and encouragements there by self=aggrandizing herself as a major "artist" to be respected and revered by the plebs she presumes to mentor. Madding really, and not for the weak of stomach to have to experience. Look up her "art" and others who are gaming this review site before taking their word of positive praise for FINEARTAMERICA.

  • easy ordering of prints and cards
  • Cons:
  • Being associated with a very weak membership of wannabe "artists" that will damage any real artists ambitions to be taken seriously.
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    2 Replies
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    You are the first person that engaged me with a very offensive response when I gave a some what lost soul sound advice about her issue. You may recall that this person thought that her description for her website was being plagiarized and thought she had a copyright issue that needed legal help including her description of her work, digital, as "Abstract Expressionist". You and others where giving this person wrong advice. That jumped out at me as a problem for this person, and wished to correct and address it with well known well established information about copyright for artist as will as informing her that her use of the term "Abstract Expressionism" was simply wrong. All this not based on opinion, but well established art history, etc. Well you would have none of this, reacted to me as if I had attacked her which was completely uncalled for.
    If you have access to this thread you will see how it was you who very mean spirited in you rush to defend your very uninformed advice. As my time on fineartamerica unfolded I saw a pattern with you and others in your giving wrong, uniformed advice to young artists. Very damaging. And my first concern is for the arts, and not to coddle all of you who might want to look at yourselves more objectively. I ain't the one to do it, but it was tempting many time to try and give information that is not a matter of opinion and is very available if you care to do the research. Each attempt was met with the same response that you and the other frightened penguins always huddle together and launch. I am sure that you are a kind spirited, well meaning soul. This is not the issue. It is that you are not qualified to be teaching young people about their art. That simple. If this were any other human discipline...say would be a glaring blinking light as a completely unqualified person to be mentoring anyone.
    You have started a war against me...not I against you. If you had the objective capacity to see the theme of my response to your post on this review would see that while I called you a phoney...I apologize for that..and the others that dominate the discussion section ..a Ship of Fools...not nice of main concern was to give the uniformed hopeful young artist a critic of fineartamerica that your review prejudices.
    And your buddy Dan did proffer a threat...something like...I live close to Victor..want I should send da boys over to pay him a visit...
    But that is not how your group handled that threat it.
    You don't know anything about me...and all of your "friends' rose to help you in the most disgusting manner. Very predictable...I knew this going in, and most certainly did not give my review to advance myself or my art by any stretch...This is how you reacted when first encountered, and I have seen your passive aggressive ways many times since with others. It is you and many of your friends who need to look into the mirror.
    I have had art critic classes many yrs ago that would have you and your friends jumping off of a cliff and pulling out guns if you were in them base on this example of a most dishonest, cowardly , vicious attack.
    Look at how you guys have gamed this review site....
    Not good...not good at all
    You and your friends would not believe it, but I get many emails each year from many young people that I have helped in the film industry. I raised to wonderful children as a single father, and am now with a beautiful soul and wife with another son...little Angelo..who is about to be 4 yrs old. The way that you people have gone after me is beyond the pale, and is very much the way I have seen you all behave towards others who dare take issue with your group. What about the others on this site who are also giving similar view? How do you all plan to go after them?
    Sour grapes Victor?

    I don't know what I have ever done to offend you but I have never pretended to be anything, I am an artist and I try to help and encourage other artists.

    Your "review" and personal attack is entirely unprofessional. If watching me encourage artists is hard for your stomach to handle, that is your problem, not mine.

    I hope you are able to find a website that you find "real artists" in...I happen to believe there are many highly talented artists on FAA, anyone with eyes can see that.

    Have a nice day.

    52 out of 84 people said 'NO'


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