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Mike B reviewer photoPosted by Mike B (8 years ago)

Delays in order processing and shipping

I went online to their website and created my own custom controller (which is a really cool part of their website). I placed my order on the 4th of September, and received a confirmation email almost immediately stating that they would send me a tracking number for my order as soon as it shipped out. The website stated that it takes 2-3 business days to process the order and about another 2-5 business days to ship the order.

About a week later and I had received no further emails from evil controllers and my order status still showed as processing. I decided to email them on Sep 11 and inquire if there were any problems with my order and if they knew when it would be mailed out. I received an immediate email back; however, it was a autoreply type of email stating that they were out of the office, their business hours were Mon-Fri 9-5 MST, and to give 24 business hours for a reply. I did find this was a little odd considering I had emailed them at 11 AM MST. At any rate, I received an email back from a customer service rep the following day telling me that there was a USPS tracking number for my order. Also, I received a shipping email from evil controllers, but no tracking # in that auto generated email. Finally it seemed that I would receive this controller very soon.

Fast forward another 9 days and still no controller. Checking the USPS tracking number still shows electronic shipping info received. (Basically, that means that a delivery confirmation was printed out, but the USPS may or may not have even received this package for delivery. For delivery confirmation, it is not mandatory for the USPS to update the status of the package as it is checked into the various mailing centers. Only required to update with delivery completed.)

I once again decided to email evil controllers on Sep 20th to again inquire to the status of my controller. Again, I received the same we are out of the office email, again at 11AM MST. It has now been 2 days since that email and I still have yet to hear anything back. I have tried checking my order status on their website. It shows completed, but doesn't really give any useful further information, such as when it mailed out or anything useful. I personally think that my controller is probably sitting somewhere in their facility in a pile waiting to be picked up by USPS.

Currently, it has been 18 days since I first placed my order, I am patiently awaiting either a response from evil controllers, or my controller to show up in the mail. I have seen other bad reviews about the processing and shipping for this company; however, they were all about a year ago and mostly during the holiday season when shipping delays are expected. Hopefully my situation is rectified soon.

  • quality products
  • well designed website
  • well designed controller customizer tool on website
  • Cons:
  • Processing/shipping time
  • not much information in their online order tracking tool
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    Well it did take awhile, and a few more emails with the customer service team at Evil Controllers, but I finally received my controller about a month after I wrote this review. I finally got ahold of Carlos over there and he told me there was a delay because the exact colored thumbsticks I wanted were out of stock and they were waiting for another shipment. It would be about another 3-4 weeks before they got the shipment in. I told him to put whatever thumbsticks on there and it didn't matter. Didn't want something like that delaying my order any further. He upgraded my shipping to 2 day priority for the hassle. I received my new controller a few days later and it has been great. My only small complaint is that the finish on the buttons is starting to wear off and the white plastic is clearly visible on most of the buttons and both triggers.

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