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Posted by BD (8 years ago)

Bait and Switch

Total bait and switch operation. Has a website that listed an "HD" mini-camera for $69. Went in to the store, and was told this is a "web special". Web marked that it was a standard sale, and that the regular price was $99. Jason Shupe the store manager told me it was $149.

Finally purchased another unit for $99 that was supposed to be 720 HD. FYI, the number in an HD rating represents the lines (height) not the pixels (width). When I got the unit home, it turned out to be a 480 standard definition, with a 30 frame per second rate, and a very poor quality one at that. These cameras are normally found in toy stores, or near check out lanes at discount retailers around Christmas time, and sell for as little as $8, with $20 being a reasonable price. When I called the store and spoke with Jason to tell him he had not sold me a 720 camera as stated, it took me about 7 or 8 minutes of listening to a sales pitch for another camera the he "promised" would be 720 before I could get him to agree to allow me to return the item. The issue I would have with accepting the exchange is a) if it actually was 720, I would bet it is 720x480, which is just a standard definition 480 camera with a wider aspect ratio (not HD), and between the bait and switch, the lie about the product I was being sold, and his either lack of knowledge, or hope that I lacked knowledge about the product, he had lost all credibility.

To his credit, he did issue a full refund.

On another note, they sell lock picks. Seems like no big deal, except it's illegal in California to sell these to anyone that doesn't have a Locksmithing or Alarm permit issued by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. Please don't support these people who don't care about the customers, or the law.

  • They did ultimately issue a refund since the product they gave me was not what I was sold.
  • Cons:
  • Poor staff knowledge.
    Difficult to get refund.
    Sells anyone restricted products.
    Extremely over-priced.
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    Who cares if its illegal to buy a lock pick? It should not be. And any law that is not constitutional, is null and void. Ownership of an inanimate object is not a crime. Telling others how to live their peaceful lives, should be. Otherwise good review.

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    Posted by Richson (10 years ago)

    excellent online store, great service and selection, best bang for the buck!

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