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Dell Small Business Review + Feedback & Discussion

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User-Submitted Reviews of Dell Small Business & Testimonials

David reviewer photoPosted by David (7 years ago)

Poor Experience Buying Dell Latitude 10

I bought a Dell Latitude 10 tablet with a Wacom pen from Dell Small Business Outlet last week. I then decided that I no longer wanted it, but it had already shipped. But the interesting thing was every time I called, I had the "wrong department" and could never get anyone to help me trying to do the return. Anyways I received the tablet today, and I was like what the heck I'll go ahead and keep it. So I thought....

I discovered an issue with the tablet where the sound from the built in speakers were extremely low- even when I maxed out the levels to 100%, I had to press my ear against the speakers in order to hear any thing. So I downloaded the latest Dell Latitude 10 drivers & even the latest BIOS (A04). After installation- no go. Even after all the Windows Updates- still the low volume problem. Volume is loud and normal if I listened through headphones, but the built-in speakers have issues.

BTW I'm pretty shocked that the Dell Latitude 10 didn't even come with any sort of hardware driver update detection tool. I have Asus and HP laptops and devices and they all have a program which allowed me to easily know if the drivers/BIOS are out of date, and update via a few clicks.

So I called tech support- and guess what- wrong department again. Finally got transferred to the right tech support department for small business. The tech told me to install the latest drivers, which I had already did. He even pointed me to the WRONG drivers- the ST2E (which was the Dell Latitude 10 Essentials and not what I had). Finally he concluded that I have to send in the tablet, at MY COST, for them to take a look at it. And it will take another 5 to 7 business days after they receive it to send it back.

F*CK that- so I told him that I pretty much need to return this POS. He transferred me to customer service, and guess what- they're closed. This has been my first purchase directly with Dell in several years and it has been a monumental disappointment and waste of time for me. The service is just horrendous, and the quality control is crap- sending customers a device with broken audio. I certainly will avoid Dell in the future.

Bought: Dell Latitude 10 ST2

Order Date: 2013-04-10

Date Received: 2013-04-15

  • None
  • Cons:
  • Bad service
  • poor QC
  • informed that I had to ship a device I just bought at my cost back to them in order for them to fix
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    Posted by Ashem (1 decade ago)

    My small business uses Dell, and let me tell you, they are the most reliable computers out there!

    I've only had one problem with the XPS I bought, it had a virus and I just had to trash it...

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    Comments on Previous Dell Small Business Promotions/Offers

    7 years ago, Horace wrote:

    Old lappy took a dump- can't wait for Windows 8. Saw this deal. Came with a 32gig SSD for caching as well.

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