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Dave reviewer photoPosted by Dave (6 years ago)

Crucial Customer Service Force You to do "Garbage Collection"

I was playing XCOM: Enemy Within last night, and all of a sudden my Windows 8.1 PC had a blue screen of death. The culprit was my 2 month-new Crucial m500 240 gig drive.

The drive became extremely slow all of a sudden after I rebooted, and chkdsk showed a boatload of errors. After a couple of reboots, including uninstalling Intel Rapid Storage, it came up one time, and then just refused to be remedied even with the W8 rescue USB drive.

I then took the drive out and plugged it into my spare PC, where the SMART Monitoring software alerted me that the drive was at "0%" health. I was able to retrieve the data off of the drive, and figured that I better contact Crucial Tech Support to see if I can get a replacement right away.

Got to chat, and this was what transpired:

Chat Transcript

Welcome to Crucial''s Expert Online. An Expert Online agent will join you in a moment... Please do not begin typing until you have been connected to an agent.

Hello, my name is Alissa. How may I help you?

Me: I bought a crucial m500 ssd about 2 months ago, and yesterday I got a blue screen of death. It says windows could not be repaired. I put the ssd into another pc, and the tool I have in the other pc says the health is zero %.

Alissa : Have you tried running a power cycle to see if the drive can be recognized in BIOS at all?

Me: The bios can see the drive no problem, but in the other pc where I'm trying to get the data off of it, it says the health of the drive is 0%

Alissa : When you initially set up the M500, did you happen to set your power settings for your SSD to "never sleep"?

Me: I don't remember setting anything for it; I just installed windows 8.1 on it and it was working perfectly until last night

Alissa : Okay, the is the next step, to see if the data can be recovered. Its called "Garbage collection", its a function we specifically install in our drives to clean up possible bad sectors of the drive. Let me send you the directions.

Alissa : A lack of TRIM, or an environment impairing it in some way, can lead to malfunctions and a reduction in performance. A backup function, called garbage collection, is supported on our drives. What it does and how to use it is detailed at the following link:

Me: Okay I'll look into that; do you need some SMART values?

Alissa : Oh, are you getting SMART errors?

Me: Well the disk monitoring tool that says its health is 0%, I assume it's from reading the SMART values

Alissa : What disk monitoring tool are you using?

Me: It's called HDD Health

Alissa : If its a third party program, a lot of them only use analyzing procedures, designed specifically for standard Hard Disk Drives. They will often search for functionalities that only apply to features of physical moving components often found in Hard disk drives. Since its an SSD, it will not recognize any of those components(because they don't exist in an SSD), resulting in a failed test.

Me: So what do I need to do so show that it is has gone bad (or not)?

Alissa : Run this "Garbage collection" function and if it does not work, we can assume that there is more wrong with the drive at that point.

Me: My drive was less than half full, why would this matter?

Alissa : It doesn't matter what the capacity, if there are sectors that are bad. It will skip over those bad sectors and make the drive run really slow cause its constantly searching for a new sector to store the information in.

Me: I can't rely on a drive that has bad sectors- how do I get an RMA?

Alissa : This garbage collection function will fix them, if there are.

Alissa : That's why I was asking you to run it.

Me: Isn't there any sort of diagnostics I can run so you can tell right away if it's bad?

Me: It has gone haywire- I even tried to "refresh" the pc and it wouldn't do it; it seemed to get worse and worse as chkdsk found more and more errors, and eventually I couldn't even boot up any more

Alissa : That is why if you run the garbage collection for the allotted time we suggest, it could fix those errors. We do not really have a program that runs diagnostics for the bad sectors as it informs you of these when the drive have functionality issues.

Alissa : I am required to have you run these tests before I can issue an RMA for you.

Me: I have used many other SSDs before and this has never happened; obviously there is something wrong with the drive; I just bought this 2 months ago and I can't be having bad sectors "skipped"

Alissa : This is something that happens occasionally. Not just with your particular drive, that is why we have installed this function in our SSD's so they can be fixed, if it is the issue.

Me: Okay, so I plug in the drive, w/o the cable, and wait, and how can I trust that this problem won't happen again?

Me: I'm not going to re-install windows and all my programs, and then have this thing die on me and re-peat the process, no way

Alissa : So this problem won't happen again, if this is indeed the problem; garbage collection will confirm this. Then the best advise I can give, is set that drive to a "never sleep" mode in power settings, so its constantly running and storing data and fixing bad sectors if they ever come about. Its just like a hard drive, they need to be defragmented every so often. Same function as this.

Me: How do I know that "garbage collection will confirm this"; what do you mean by that? How can it tell me that oh the drive is okay, go ahead and reinstall windows?

Alissa : You shouldn't have to do anything if you run the garbage collection. It will fix it for you. If it doesn't fix the performance issues, that's when we would move to RMA process, cause there is something further wrong with the drive.

Me: Again, how can I tell if it's okay unless it is too late (after I install windows?)

Alissa : If the drive is functional after Garbage collection, then its okay. If the drive is non-functional then please contact us for an RMA.

Me: What is your definition of "non-functional" because it's pretty non-functional right now for me.

Alissa : If it is experiencing the same level of non-functionality as it is right now after garbage collection has been completed, then at that point, you can contact us again for a warranty replacement.

Me: Okay is there a case id # or something?

Alissa : Yes, I can provide you with an Activity id for this chat.

Alissa : Reference this when you need to get ahold of us: *******

So apparently, the m500 does not offer any readily diagnosable SMART values, nor is there any tool available to end-users to diagnose its status. I think I will stick with Intel in the future for my next SSD to avoid all the hassle and headache in case an RMA is needed.

Bought: Crucial SSD m500 240 GB

Order Date: 2013-11-25

  • SSD worked great for 2 months
  • Cons:
  • Annoying customer service making you do 6 hour diagnostic in order to get an RMA
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    Me Techie reviewer photoPosted by Me Techie (6 years ago)

    Crucial m500 Windows Bugcheck 0x0000007a

    Lately, every couple days or so, I've been waking up to my PC rebooted, and a please insert a bootable disk message from the BIOS. I took my m500 drive out and my other PC was able to see it, thank god.

    Putting the SSD back, I noticed the error in event viewer:

    The bugcheck was: 0x0000007a (0xfffff6e80011b940, 0xffffffffc0000022, 0x00000001b5b41be0, 0xffffd00023728000).

    I did a search in Google & Bing, but it seems that no one has gotten the same exact bugcheck code.

    Before that, saw a ton of these in the System log:

    "An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk0\DR0 during a paging operation."

    Hoping that the SATA cable was the culprit, I went ahead and replaced it. Hopefully that will be the fix.

  • drive is fast
  • Cons:
  • drive keeps rebooting my Windows 8.1 machine every few days
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    Posted by Rafael Acevedo (8 months ago)

    Worst customer service

    Crucial customer service is horrible. Specifically, when trying to track an order. They send an email stating that the order has shipped, and send you a tracking #. But when you try to track package, USPS it says they are still waiting for the package to be delivered to them. It has been 7 days and the information remain the same. Their customer service site/rep gave me the song and dance of "it is not our problem it is the us postal service office tracking system that is at fault ", "that I have to wait 7 business days before I call back etc, etc. Never mind that if the post office had received the package, they would have scanned it upon receipt. Crucial we are not dumb we know how shipping works. Then to add insult to injury their 800 number and webchat was down. order # ******830

    Bought: mx500 2TB SSD
    32gb kit ddr4-2400

    Order Date: 2019-11-13

  • Products
  • Cons:
  • Costumer service

  • Customer Contacted Via:
    (208) 363-5790

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